Third Party Maintenance

Save big money on EOL and EOS maintenance agreements. We are the tried and true supplier and excel at TPMs for IT departments of all sizes.

“I’m 100% certain we’ll deliver equal to or better than service than the OEM and at a fraction of the cost. Sometimes the savings is as much as 60%. You’re invited to give us a try, you’ll be glad you did.”
Phil Bettenburg,
NASI President


Support Whenever You Need it. Where Ever You Are.

Third Party Maintenance is a game changer because now you have options. Now you don’t have to be forced to upgrade equipment that is working just fine. Now you have a solution for legacy equipment and EOL products. Now you can get the peace of mind that comes with Third Party Maintenance from a reputable supplier.

We deliver like none other. Our clients tell us how much they like the easy access we provide, like portal access, a customized tool to manage your assets with , easy add and deletes, online viewing of tickets, email and 1-800 ticket creation. The support that we provide starts with level 3 engineers on the phone to all the way to ???

Who is Third Party Maintenance for?
It truly is for any size company. We provide maintenance to companies of all sizes. From Fortune 50 companies to smaller organizations. Indicators that you’re ready for a maintenance agreement are:

  • When equipment is coming up for renewal from the OEM
  • When equipment is coming off warranty and going into maintenance
  • Perfect for Legacy equipment and EOL situations
  • You’re looking to save budget dollars for your department

What products can be covered with maintenance?
Servers, storage and networking equipment is the most popular, however, we are capable of maintaining all of the your equipment. We go out further and cover everything in the data center.

  • Server Hardware Support. Global service and support for data center server equipment from OEMs including: HPE, Dell, Fujitsu, Lenovo, Oracle, IBM, and Cisco.
  • Storage Hardware support. Global service and support for your data center. We provide support for hardware manufacturers like: HPE, Dell/ EMC, NetApp, Quantum, Fujitsu, Infinidat, Pure, Violin and Nexsan. Our team members have extensive experience in storage hardware.

Network Maintenance. Whether its fibre channel switches, wireless access points, routers, or network directory, we provide world class support for OEMs such as: Cisco, Brocade, Mellanox, Arube, Arista, Extreme, Kemp, Fujitsu and Juniper.

Timing is everything. There comes a time when Third Party Maintenance makes sense. In the early years (years 1-3) OEM maintenance is cheap, parts are scarce and expensive and the need for software & firmware updates is greatest. However in years 4-6 OEMs raise maintenance cost, parts become available and the need for software and firmware decreases. In years 7-10 you can expect the OEM to announce EOL (end of life) and end of service (EOS) and virtually no new software or firmware development. The best time to consider Third Party Maintenance is typically after year 3.

Getting started is easy as 1,2,3.

Step 1: Choose your OEM manufacture
Step 2: Send us a list of equipment
Step 3: Let us know of your location and a location to test us with a quote

The rest is up to us. We’ll go to work and get back to you within ???? amount of time.

Providing a level of support you didn’t know existed. You can expect the best of the best from NASI. We’ve been providing Third Party Maintenance and have exceptional experience in this area. NASI’s support has saved client an average of between 50-70% on IT support costs.

If you have data center equipment coming up for renewal with the OEM, or have an EOL notice from the OEM, this is the perfect time to give use a try.

Based in the Twin Cities, NASI provides Third Party Maintenance to companies throughout the United States. Call today: 952-374-6700 or 800-927-7474.

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