Is Your Network An Expressway Or Two Lane?

“You need the network to be operating at peak potential. Too much is at stake. We really dig in and make sure to ask the right questions. We have a burning desire to earn your business.”
~Jeff Light
IT Specialist, NASI

Data centers are growing at record speed as more companies rely on digital. There is an ongoing need for speed and an ever growing need for connectivity.

For over 30 years we’ve worked with large enterprises as well as small businesses to ensure a healthy network. With our experience we know what to look for. You have to be able to step back and see the whole as well as drill down to specifics. Overlooking a simple cable connection can take the whole network down. This is why experience matters.

You can expect to get expert advice from our Enterprise Network Certified experts; knowledge that only comes with years of experience. We understand mission critical and have solutions for any size department; from small business to mid-tier to enterprise storage. We can architect and design a Network Solution that will keep up with business demands.
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Certified Networking Experts

Get it right the first time. As certified networking experts, we will assess your needs and design the solution for today and future considerations. As an independent IT consultant we will recommend networking solutions from the right vendor and that are right for you.

The Best Manufactures Backed Up By Our World Class Experience
Our customers trust us for many reasons, one of which is our all-star lineup of the industry’s best networking products.


Solutions Start With A Well-Defined Strategy

Any enterprise networking solution must start with a well-defined strategy. Even the fastest and most-efficient equipment may not serve your needs if it doesn’t fit the strategy or doesn’t communicate in a multi-manufacturer environment. Our interest is in the solution. Our team utilizes a wide array of networking products to help you create and optimize your network. With professional consulting and support, we help you navigate data migration and the changing data center environment.

The High Cost of Business Interruptions

Business interruptions, lost productivity, and downtime typically exceeds the cost of the networking infrastructure itself. Business research and consulting company Gartner estimates the average cost of network downtime in an industry is $5,600 per minute. While it may not be that big in your company, how much downtime can you afford? Most customers have zero tolerance. Getting the right strategy and system in place right from the start minimizes your risk.

We’re Experienced Problem Solvers

“Given one hour to save the world, I would spend 55 minutes defining the problem and 5 minutes finding the solution.” – Albert Einstein

The hard part in solving any problems isn’t usually the fix itself. This is how band-aids get applied. The hard part is taking the time to understand the problem and to define it. This is where the NASI level of experience come into play. We’ve seen just about everything you can imagine so when it comes to enterprise networking solutions, we’ve got you covered.

Well Designed Network Solutions

Network devices, servers, storage are the core components of your IT infrastructure and can represent your largest technology capital expenditures. We’ll help you maximize your investment by choosing a custom networking solution for you.

NASI approaches business differently. We pride ourselves on taking the time to develop relationship. “It’s about getting things done and doing what you say you’re going to do,” said Jeff Light, IT specialist. “We give our customer top priority. If there is any problem, we correct them as quickly as possible. We never leave a customer spinning.”

Budget Friendly Alternatives

In some cases and upon request, we can provide a certified pre-owned product. When you have a demand for a networking product but you are also on a budget, we can discuss additional hardware options.

Innovation Meets Solution

With 25 years of experience in networking solutions, we’ve helped countless clients. From data migration to mission critical operations. Following are some of the solutions we provide:

  • Business Continuity
  • Enterprise Security
  • Data Migration
  • Data Management
  • On Prem vs Off Prem
  • Disaster Recovery

We Take The Guesswork Out

The network is the backbone of the enterprise. Why settle for a guess-timate when you can get a real time assessment of your Network. Get Expert Advice! Contact one of our Certified Network Solution Experts today.

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