Fujitsu Eternus AF250

“With our new Fujitsu storage cluster we’re in a much safer position that we were before. The equipment meets our high requirements in terms of reliability and stability, they also provide better performance and are less expensive to maintain.”
C. Becker | IT Manager

Nonstop Access To Data Whenever and Wherever You Need It

As businesses transform to handle emerging technology, business intelligence, and the ever growing need for storage, they need nonstop access to data whenever and wherever they need it. They need ultra-fast performance, high reliability, and robust automation. That’s why responsive all-flash arrays are becoming the new norm in Data Center operations. Fujitsu’s AF250 is a proven and mature technology with system availability of 99.9999%. Top Reason to Invest in Fujitsu

The alarming cost of downtime. The cost of data center outages is too high to ignore.  According to Ponemon Institute, the estimated cost of down time can be as high as $9K per minute.  In 2015 the average cost of data center outages was $740K and in some cases it rose to over $2 million.

The FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS AF250 can handle the most demanding data and performance requirements with low latency even at full loads. It can solve all of your performance issues in critical applications without the need for complex tuning. Download Fujitsu AF250 brochure

Fujitsu-ETERNUS-AF250Faster Response Times: The solid-state, all-flash FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS AF250 features data response times up to 500 times faster than traditional disk storage. With a throughput of up to 23 GBs per second, it guarantees a higher rate of transactions while serving more users simultaneously. It’s optimized to deliver in even the most demanding applications while consolidating all of your workloads into one system.

Automated Daily Operations: FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS AF250 eliminates the need for manual effort in daily operations. It automatically prioritizes workloads. By defining priorities and response times, you can automate application data allocations. Easy tuning storage for data services with diverse I/0 profiles and Guaranteed SLA.

100% Interoperability With Hybrid Storage: FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS AF250 all-flash storage is fully compatible with ETERNUS DX hybrid storage. Migration is simple and fast.  Mirrored and replicated data cross all-flash and hybrid systems.

Reduced Operating Costs: It takes up less space and uses dramatically less power and cooling resources than traditional drive storage. Power and cooling costs can be reduced as much as 85%.  10X higher density takes up less space

Transparent Fail-Over: With automated disaster recovery functions, its array provides transparent fail-over. It can mirror critical data, which means users will not be affected if outages occur since data is automatically stored in multiple places.

Maximum Storage Efficiency: Advanced inline data reduction technologies drive maximum storage efficiency. Clean provisioning, deduplication, compression, and flash storage can reduce your overall storage capacity by as much as five times.

Seamless Integration: The FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS AF250 can be seamlessly integrated into your workflow. This avoids the time-consuming and disruptive data migration process.

The Advantages Of Flash Storage

Solid State Drives (SSDs) are fast replacing hard drives as the new norm in IT infrastructure. The big advantage of flash is that it is FAST – with around 500 times better response times than disks.  It’s also more reliable than HDDs, space efficient, and consumes dramatically less energy for power and cooling than traditional drives.

ETERNUS AF performance compared to traditional disk drives.  

  • 10X more IOPS
  • 5X better $/IOPS ratio
  • 10X higher density
  • 85% savings for power and cooling
  • 8X less cost for maintenance

The Case For Fujitsu Solid State Drive

Fujitsu is a tried and true storage solution that has been deployed successfully in many environments. Following are a few case studies:

Laltex Group needed to replace its aging storage system and outdated thin clients with a new infrastructure to support the company’s growth. With an IT staff of two, they wanted a seamless transition with simple management. They chose the FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS AF250.

“Going live could have taken us upwards of six months but, thanks to the FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS AF250 replication, we brought that down to just ten weeks and made the entire transition much easier to handle,” said Paul Bentley, IT Manager at Laltex.

Laltex improved performance by 20X with increased reliability and simple scalability. Taking a snapshot of its virtual machines and cloning them across their servers now takes minutes instead of hours.

When Hemsworth Academy’s existing storage solution reached its end of life, the school needed to upgrade and scale performance on a very limited budget. In less than five days, they were able to do a live, real-time migration including 50 virtual machines and 13 TB of data.

“Thanks to Fujitsu’s generous pricing for schools, we could enjoy enterprise-class features and performance at a reasonable cost,” said Jim Kearton, Network Manager at Hemsworth Arts & Community Academy

The FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS AF250 provides the advantages of flash storage for all tier-1 applications at an affordable price. Transform your Data Center into an all-flash world that is perfectly aligned with a data-driven economy with the FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS AF250.

Why Choose Fujitsu?

  1. For over 50 years Fujitsu has been providing storage and backup solutions.
  2. One-stop source. Fujitsu combines leading technology and software with our fast server and storage technologies to act as a one stop source for an entire IT solution.
  3. Out-of-box-solution. Fujitsu data devices are simple to deploy and easy to use.
  4. Get better performance and ROI with Fujitsu with reliable high-quality hardware and industry leading software.
  5. Future Ready Business-Centric Storage. Flexible storage solutions that scale and grow to meet customers future demands.
  6. Leading end-to-end solution provider.

For over 25 years North American Systems International has been supporting IT departments with innovative storage solutions.  As a Select Business Partner, NASI, can offer Fujitsu solutions from the desktop to servers to networking and storage.  Find out how FLASH can transform your environment. Get A Quote, Ask A Question or Call today:  952-374-6700.