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Enterprise Insider - Seagate Storage Solutions

The Demand For Storage Is Always….More!

“It’s much more than a hardware conversation. It’s about providing a complete storage solution – it means architecting the hardware in unison with software that will achieve the best overall performance.”
~John Bettenburg
VP Storage Solutions, NASI

Seagate Storage Solutions

Vertically integrated and with a 30-year proven track record, Seagate offers modular storage enclosures, hybrid arrays, and mass capacity storage platforms that can easily scale with the lowest total cost of ownership.  We solve the business challenges customers face.

Exos E 4U106
A high density storage platform with industry-first capacity without sacrificing data access speed.  Leverage up to 106 high-capacity hard drives in a single 4U enclosure that can hold up to an unprecedented 1.7PB of business intelligence.  With an overall maximum bandwidth of 36GB/s, access mission-critical and archival data with lightning speed.
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Exos X 5U84
Ideal for demanding streaming environments that require high read and write throughput.  Maximize capacity with up to 1.3PB of data in a single 5U enclosure with throughputs reaching 7GB/s sequential read, and 5.5GB/s sequential write and up to 99.999% high availability.
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Exos X 2U12
Leverage performance at a budget-friendly price. Get data to applications fast, with maximum throughput of up to 7GB/s.  Expand the system with up to 120 hard drives as data requirements grow, with up to 168TB of storage capacity in only a 2U rack mount.
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Nytro X 2U24
An affordable all-flash array (AFA) system for critical workloads that demand the highest performance.  Get high performance, low latency, and intelligent features at a fraction of the cost of other AFA solutions.  Access data with 250 microsecond latency.  This system can deliver up to 7GB/s sequential read, 5.5GB/s sequential write throughput performance with up to 24 solid state drives.  Dual-redundant controllers enable consistent speed at 320K to 600K IOPS
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NASI provides complete storage solutions to companies throughout the United States. Call today: 952-374-6700 or 800-927-7474.

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