Understanding the hidden challenges of Data Migration

Anytime applications and data are moved to another system for one reason or another, it is imperative to move them with as little disruption to business operations as possible.

Because business applications and data are so critical, they must operate 24×7 just to keep up with demanding day to day operations. NASI has the proven ability to help support any data migration that requires limited downtime or “glitches” that can prove to be very costly to companies.


Why Migrate?

In today’s competitive business climate, it’s important for companies to stay innovative and adapt to change as quickly as possible. An efficient, open and flexible IT infrastructure is key to enabling innovation and aligning IT practices to achieve business goals.

In the past, as businesses would grow, their IT infrastructures would grow with it. This meant acquiring and installing new systems as needed. Eventually, this approach led to an overly complex infrastructure that is difficult and costly to manage. Additional capacity and functionality may be overlooked and/or delayed because of the frustrations involved with it.

Relying on legacy hardware and ‘out-of-date’ software can not only be expensive, it can be risky.

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