“We make it easy, convenient and affordable to get a customized medical cart. We provide a complete solution that includes the desktop, monitor and printer. We’ll even provide a demo unit that you can try before you buy.”
Phil Bettenburg

A Complete Solution That’s Ready to Roll!

Medical computer carts play an important role in health care today. Hospital and clinics need a compact solution that provides maximum benefit. Our medical carts are designed for tight, high-traffic workspaces where ergonomics are important.

North American Systems International provides a complete solution that you can deploy immediately. We make it easy. We make it convenient and we’re going to you save you time and money.

A customized solution for healthcare computer carts. We have all the parts to configure your cart and deliver a complete turnkey solution. You can get any monitor you want, common choices are Samsun, Dell AUSU and others. You’ll have the option for a 19” or 24” monitor. We have all the parts to be able to build it. We have the computers in SFF and printers as well.

FREE Demo Units. Demo units are available for your evaluation. Just let us know your requirements and we’ll make sure to get a demo unit to you. They are available with 1 or 2 battery carts. Demo units are available new or CPO. We can ship these anywhere in the United States.

Meet the budget beater. Our customers are raving about the CPO (certified pre-owned) carts. When put side by side next to a new cart you simply cannot tell the difference. And the savings are significant!

Benefits of a CPO medical cart:

    • Save 50% to 70% compared to new medical carts
    • Save more when you trade in a cart
    • Customizable for any environment
    • Warranties are available

With NASI, you always have options. We can supply your mobile medical cart new or CPO. You decide.

The battery makes all the difference. Did you know? Most medical carts are ‘out of service’ between 25-50% of every day. Not optimal when you have goals and objectives to meet. Many mobile power battery systems simply don’t deliver as promised. That’s why we chose the Definitive Uninterruptible Battery System that delivers 24/7.

What you won’t find in our batteries:

  • No fans. The Definitive Uninterruptible Battery System (UBS) contains no fans or moving parts – to reduce downtime, maintenance and the risk of spreading airborne substances.
  • No fire hazards. Unlike hot-swap systems of the past, the Definitive Uninterruptible Battery System is the first modular system to use Advanced-LiFe™ – an extremely balanced chemistry that eliminates fire hazards.

What you can expect from our batteries:

  • Round the clock service. Each UBS is a hybrid that can be hot-swapped and rapidly recharged in 2 hours, ensuring your mobile workstations run around the clock.
  • Talking battery management system. You’ll have the option of Time2Talk Battery Management system which is an interface that simplifies battery management by providing verbal cues that communicate battery status.
  • Fleet management. Managing batteries has never been easier. Now you can have a tool to address common battery problems.

We chose the Definitive Battery System because of its high-performance, long-life, and reliability that can be hot-swapped or plugged-in to charge without compromising safety.

If you’re ready for a complete medical cart solution, we can help. Our goal is help you save time, save money and increase your health care facilities efficiency with a mobile medical cart.

Based in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, North American Systems International specializes in selling a variety of mobile medical carts to healthcare facilities nationwide.

Contact us today to get a FREE DEMO Unit of a medical cart. Call today at 952-374-6700 or 800-927-7474.

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