VMware Server Consolidation

Virtualize and save with VMware server consolidation

VMware’s virtualization solutions enable existing systems to be divided into multiple virtual servers with minimal changes to your existing applications and configurations.

VMware is the most widely deployed software suite for optimizing and managing heterogeneous IT infrastructure on a single platform.

VMware LogoVMware Server Consolidation Components

VMware Infrastructure
The most widely deployed software suite for x86 server consolidation includes the ESX server virtualization layer, VMotion to enable live virtual machine migrations, and VMware DRS to aggregate multiple servers into a single resource pool of processors, memory, disk and networking bandwidth.

VMware VirtualCenter
This comprehensive management suite centralizes the automation, optimization, and high availability functionality for consolidated and virtualized IT environments.

VMware P2V Assistant
To speed the conversion of your windows servers into virtual machines, you can utilize VMware P2V Assistant to automate the process

VMware DRS
VMware DRS removes dependencies between applications and hardware, enabling the construction of a single resource pool that application can draw from as needed. This software continuously balances workloads, following rules you establish, and automatically allocating addition resources as needed.

A trusted partner
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