Plan For What Is Difficult

Business continuity planning and management are the essential strategies and processes for maintaining business operations following a disruptive incident. NASI offers a variety of risk-based solutions designed to assist in the planning and execution of such programs.

Strategize & Plan

To create a resilient business, many IT organizations are being asked to go beyond disaster recovery. As IT operations become more distributed, they become more critical to a business’s success. Many companies are trying to achieve a state of business continuity, where critical networks, systems, data and applications are always available.

A comprehensive business continuity solution provides:

  • multi-site recovery with continuous protection
  • proactive detection of corruption
  • real-world application testing capabilities
  • fast backup/restore
  • automatic failover capability
  • policy-based management
  • auditing tools
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The team at NASI has experience with network storage solutions, and is uniquely qualified to help you form a comprehensive business continuity plan designed to maximize uptime, protect data and applications, reduce TCO, and simplify management.


NASI offers business continuity that:

  • follows industry-proven best practices
  • consolidates administration for ease of management
  • is vendor-neutral and work with any combination of cabinets, interfaces, operating systems and connectivity protocols
  • offers comprehensive application support & interoperability
  • provides NAS & SAN convergence across a single pooled resource
  • enables transparent failover & recovery
  • protects from primary site disasters, as well as other unforeseen events such as application server failures, viruses & data corruption
  • integrates seamlessly with existing high availability and disaster recovery solutions
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Manage & Improve

Business continuity is a continuous process, designed to ensure that your organization operates efficiently when times are normal, and continues to do so when the times are turbulent. This implies having a robust business continuity system in place that is continually tested, exercised, and updated. Companies and entities that are new to business continuity often focus their efforts solely within the boundaries of their organization.

The main benefit of business continuity planning is enabling your business to recover quickly from unexpected events that disrupt your IT systems. By putting your business continuity plan into practice, your organization can prepare your business for any potential disaster.

Real-world ROI delivered.

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