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From TPM and ITAD services to custom datacenter designs and data migration, NASI can help. For over 25 years we’ve been a trusted IT hardware and software supplier.


Exceeding client expectations for over 25 years

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Choosing an IT partner is a big decision, we get that. It’s important to align your needs with an IT Service Provider that can get the job done. When you choose NASI for your Third Party Maintenance, ITAD, Custom Datacenter Solution Designs, Cloud Migration Strategies, On Prem vs Off Prem, Data Migration solutions, Disaster Recover Planning, Security Threat Assessments, or Refurbished Hardware, you’re playing to our strength. We know these areas very well and deliver exceptional results.

Third Party Maintenance Contracts
NASI is a leading Global TPM provider for Enterprise Datacenters. We specialize in hardware maintenance, storage maintenance, and provide current, end of life, and end of service life support for all OEM hardware.

Save up to 70%. Get Exceptional Third Party Maintenance & Support. Save up to 70% VS OEM or 30% VS your current TPM Contract. With NASI there is no contract minimum, Same SLA’s with Better Support, Save Money and extend the life of your OEM Hardware. Third Party Maintenance

ITAD – IT Asset Disposal & IT Asset Recovery
NASI specializes in the process of streamlining disposition of IT assets, while minimizing costs and maximizing recouping of losses. Businesses have a heavy replacement cycle of IT equipment. Enterprises with worn out old equipment are faced regularly with decisions of whether to refurbish or resell, recycle or dispose of business equipment.

ITAD exists in response to a number of considerations in replacing business equipment:

  • Data security means storage devices must be securely wiped clean
  • Disposal of ecologically sensitive materials must be done properly or businesses may face fines
  • Information about how ecologically sensitive components should be disposed of is not common knowledge

We’ll help your business recoup losses due to environmental fees and offset costs of purchasing new equipment through judicious recycling or reselling. For example: NASI can inventory your retired equipment, refurb the hardware, and sell it to the used market, helping companies offset the cost of new equipment. ITAD Services

Custom Datacenter Solution Designs
NASI provides a number of resources to help data center Facility and IT managers learn more about the attributes of an effective DCIM solution, what it takes to properly implement, and the benefits you can expect.

Design, Develop, Create. Our consultants are aware that every business is unique so we offer a option based on the clients requirements.

  • HyperConverged Infrastructure
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
  • Big Data
  • Archive
  • Surveillance
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Hybrid or Public Cloud

Disaster Recover Planning
NASI allows your IT workloads to be replicated from virtual or physical environments to an advanced security cloud infrastructure. With over a decade of disaster recovery expertise, we can go far beyond simple backup to ensure all your key workloads are protected – and the disaster recovery process is tuned to your business priorities and compliance needs.

We know from experience that disaster recovery plans are different for each organization. Our solutions are built around that premise. Our experienced disaster recovery engineers will help guide you through the entire process from design to implementation. From first click, to failover, we are there every step of the way.

Cloud Migration Strategies
A well-executed cloud deployment can help you gain competitive advantage—as well as improve operations, increase agility and enhance availability. The basic benefits that anyone using cloud realizes include:

  • Freeing up IT staff from daily chores through use of automation.
  • Reduction of OPEX costs
  • More efficient use of resources, helping to lower CAPEX costs.
  • Agility to ramp up services quickly.

On Prem vs Off Prem Data Management
On-premise systems are generally considered a capital expenditure (one large investment upfront). Cloud-based systems, on the other hand, are typically considered an operating expenditure (an additional overhead cost the organization will continue to pay).

Cloud software’s low cost of entry—especially compared to hefty upfront perpetual license fees—has contributed to its widespread adoption. According to one recent study, 93 percent of enterprises currently use cloud-based software or system architecture, and use of hybrid cloud systems increased from 19 percent to 57 percent in one year.

Data Migration Solutions
With NASI, you’re free to choose whatever storage best suits your needs because we Migrate your data to your new platform quickly no matter who the vendor:

  • NASI uses industry standard protocols and publicly available interfaces so that we are 100% vendor independent.
  • We work with all the large storage vendors and have direct access to their engineering should the need arise.
  • We have a wealth of experience migrating from/to just about every major (and many minor) storage platforms.
  • Our lab contains hardware from the most important storage vendors (where hardware is involved) so we can thoroughly test every aspect of a migration.
  • Many vendors rely on us to provide them with engineering knowledge about File and Object migrations between storage platforms (even in-family).

Security Threat Assessments
NASI is here to help companies working to secure their organizations, and the job isn’t getting any easier. As businesses continue to invest in technology, the environment that must be secured has become more complex and challenging.

NASI provides advice to help understand how to identify critical business assets, understand the threat, monitor for exposure, and take action. In this assessment, you will see:

  • Free tools organizations can use to monitor for exposure, such as exposed credentials, documents, and infrastructure weaknesses
  • Tactical operational, and strategic mitigation strategies
  • The critical role of threat intelligence within digital risk

Refurbished Hardware Solutions
NASI works with all major OEMs to help provide customers with OEM renew options when available. The savings to our customers can be 20% less than what brand new systems would cost and they carry the same maintenance and warranty. Where Renew programs are not available, we can offset the cost of brand new with fully re-certified equipment that carries third party maintenance and warranty.

For over 25 years NASI has been providing effective solutions to IT departments of all sizes. You can count on us to deliver true value of hardware and software, technical integration and all the support you need. Refurbished IT equipment

Based in the Twin Cities, NASI services IT department across the United States. Need more information? Call today! 952-952-374-6700

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