Flash Storage Accelerates Your Business Without Compromise



IBM’s Flash Storage is engineered to meet your modern high-performance storage requirements: ultra-low latency, cost-effectiveness, operational efficiency, and mission-critical reliability. Turn to NASI for all of your IBM needs and our certified account representatives can provide you with a range of innovative solutions, world-class service and great pricing.


IBM System Storage


Take advantage of IBM’s advanced virtualization capabilities to create a solution that pools & centralizes your capacity and performance, allowing you to respond quickly to changing business demands.


Unify your Windows, Linux, UNIX, and iSCSI file backups on a system that can be optimized for disk-to-disk backup, nearline storage, data retention, or high-performance, misson-critical I/O operations.


IBM’s disk systems feature wide interoperability across multiple platforms and protocols, allowing businesses to create a solution that provides great value, and can rapidly scale to meet changing business demands.


IBM’s tape systems include a wide variety of attachment options, drive technologies, numerous capacity & performance tiers, and Capacity on Demand features.


Leverage UDO technology for your WORM data retention compliance needs.