Tivoli IT & Service Management Solutions

Tivoli LogoTransform your IT infrastructure to a service-based one

Process Management - automate and integrate your IT processes into business processes for maximized responsiveness & flexibility
Operational Management - optimize the performance and availability of your business-critical applications and infrastructure
Server, Network, & Device Management - automate the provisioning, monitoring and allocating of hardware resources to align with business requirements
Storage Management - protect mission-critical data while adapting storage resources to meet rapidly changing demands
Security Management - control identities and access privileges to data and applications with policy-based management
Business Application Management - ensuring the availability and service levels of your business applications, including portals and web services
IT Service Management Platform - standardize, share and integrate IT processes, information and technology to achieve real business results.

Tivoli is a large suite of custom software that addresses a wide variety of IT and business needs. Building on open, standards-based procedures and established best practices, Tivoli Service Management automates repetitive administrative tasks and realize maximum business value from your existing and future IT investments. Some products include:

TSM - Tivoli Storage Manager automates a wide variety of backup & restore operations to simplify the management of large amounts of data
ITUP - IBM Tivoli Unified Process Composer leverages existing best practices from a process model database to adapt and customize existing business processes
Tivoli Enterprise Console - premium event correlation tool designed to assist administrators to pinpoint and address problems

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