Sun Workstations

Sun Blade 2500 - high-end workstation offering best-of-class price versus performance for visualizing demanding graphics applications and solving complex technical problems

Sun Blade 2000 - high performing workstation, and the industry's first 1 GHz 64-bit workstation, delivering leading edge compute performance and high-end 3D visualization capabilities

Sun Blade 1500 - price/performance-leading workstation offering high-performance 64-bit computing ideal for a wide range of business and technical environments

Sun Blade 1000 - features a high-performance crossbar-switch system interconnect that provides the high bandwidth for today's and tomorrow's high-speed processors and graphic subsystems

Sun Blade 150 - affordable, full-featured, 64-bit workstation with a 550/650 MHz UltraSPARC IIi processor, up to 2 GB of RAM, and 2D/3D graphics options for multi-display support

Please note that all Solaris licenses must be procured from Sun directly, we do not offer licenses or media kits.

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