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NASI carries a full line of Sun servers, including SPARC64, CoolThreads, x64 and Sun Fire servers, in addition to storage and workstation options. We also fair market value for take-outs of Sun hardware, and can offer cash or trade-in value.

North American Systems is a leading Sun Open Market Reseller. What does this mean? Our customers get lower prices, more flexibility, faster fulfillment and turnaround, less uncertainty on their Sun equipment.

Is your equipment end-of-life? North American Systems specializes in locating hard-to-find upgrades and spares for legacy Sun hardware. We can also offer maintenance and replacement parts for hardare that has reached end-of-support life with Sun.

    Independent Sun Maintenance

With the acquisition of Sun, all of the changes with Sun hardware maintenance, and the end-of-life for many Sun products, there has never been a better time to consider 3rd party maintenance for your Sun hardware.

Benefits you may not get with new Sun maintenance

  • Single point-of-contact & assigned account managmer
  • Parts installation
  • On-site engineer and support
  • Dedicated tech support engineer
  • On-site parts stocking
  • Replacement of EOL parts

Fix-first policy

With NASI’s third-party maintenance, we focus on keeping our customer’s equipment running, not whether or not they are in “compliance”. Our independent maintenance options features a fix-first policy that focuses on resolving issues, not enforcing compliance.

Freedom to buy what you want, how you want

Its no secret that Sun has looked down on refurbished equipment and hardware that wasn't sourced through their “authorized” channels. Oftentimes, they refuse to maintain equipment that has refurbished upgrades or spare parts installed.

NASI’s independent maintenance fully supports refurbished and even third-party hardware.

About Our Equipment

Contrary to the universe of “authorized” Sun partners, who are bound to sell mainly new equipment at pre-determined, contractual discounts that Sun grants, North American Systems is one of the leading Open Market Sun Resellers in the country. Below are the many advantages you gain from doing business with a respected Sun Open Market Reseller committed to providing customers with the widest array of options in the marketplace.

Where does your used Sun equipment come from?

Our equipment comes from Sun and reaches us via indirect channels. Many manufacturers engage in “dumping” product to meet periodic financial targets, and these products oftentimes find their way onto the open market. In addition, the economic forces and virtualization technologies have caused many businesses to shrink their data center footprint, and if they can’t get a fair price from the OEM, they sell it on the open market, sometimes to us. Some products come off of lease and find their way into the open market as well.

Our global network of companies and contacts, combined with our experienced broker personnel, enable us to provide customer’s with great prices on Sun hardware . We also have an expansive warehouse for storing equipment, and we can demanufacturess systems for parts and upgrades for customers, and sometimes we assemble them into fully-configured systems.