Sun Fire SPARC64 Servers

Sun M3000 ServerUsed and unused Sun SPARC64 servers, parts and upgrades

The Sun SPARC64 servers bring mainframe-class computing features to the mainstream. Designed to support 24/7 mission-critical business applications, the Sun SPARC64 servers feature SPARC64 VI and SPARC64 VII processors, and an architecture optimized for large shared memory applications. Scale from a single processor to 64 or 4GB to 2TB of memory in the same family, which all share the same RAS mainframe-class architecture designed for nonstop operation.

Sun SPARC64 Server Models Processors Memory Form Factor Request Pricing?
Sun M9000 Up to 64 CPUs, 256 cores, 2.52GHz Up to 2TB N/A Sun M9000 Server
Sun M8000 Up to 16 CPUs, 64 cores, 2.52GHz Up to 512GB N/A Sun M8000 Server
Sun M5000 Up to 8 CPUs, 32 cores, 2.4GHz Up to 256GB 10U Sun M5000 Server
Sun M4000 Up to 4 CPUs, 16 cores, 2.4GHz Up to 128GB 6U Sun M4000 Server
Sun M3000 1 CPU, 4 cores, 2.52GHz Up to 64GB 2U Sun M3000 Server

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