Sun Entry-Level Servers

Get the best pricing on used and unused Sun Fire entry rackmount servers

Sun Open Market Reseller LogoNorth American Systems can be your one-stop shop for all of your Sun needs, offering a full range of Sun products, including hard-to-find parts, EOL hardware, and the newest servers; all at prices much lower than can be found through Sun’s “authorized” channel.

Get all the advantages of used, without the risks, when you buy from North American Systems. We are a respected member of ASCDI, have been in business since 1993, and are committed to providing only genuine product, and stand behind what we sell until it qualifies for maintenance, whether it is Sun maintenance or another party.

Sun Entry-Level Servers Processors Memory Form Factor Request Pricing?
Sun X4600 Up to 8 AMD Opteron CPUs, 32 cores, 2.93GHz Up to 512GB 4U Sun X4600 Server
Sun X4440 Up to 4 AMD Opteron CPUs, 16 cores, 3.2GHz Up to 128GB 2U Sun X4440 Server
Sun X4200 Up to 2 AMD Opteron CPUs, 8 cores, 2.2GHz Up to 192GB 2U Sun X4200 Server
Sun X2250 Up to 2 Intel Xeon CPUs, 8 cores, 3.2GHz Up to 32GB 1U Sun X2250 Server
Sun X2200 Up to 2 AMD Opteron CPUs, 8 cores, 2.7GHz Up to 64GB 1U Sun X2200 Server

Legacy Sun Fire Entry-Level Servers

Sun Fire UltraSPARC IIi, III, or UltraSPARC IIIi
Model CPUs Maximum Main Memory PCI Slots Add to request?
Sun Fire v445 Up to 4 32GB 6 Add
Sun Fire v440 Up to 4 32GB 6 Add
Sun Fire v250 Up to 2 8GB 6 Add
Sun Fire v245 Up to 2 16GB 4 Add
Sun Fire v240 Up to 2 16GB 3 Add
Sun Fire 420R Up to 2 4GB 4 Add
Sun Fire 280R Up to 2 8GB 4 Add

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