North American Systems offers a wide variety of servers from a number of the leading manufacturers. In addition to offering new, authorized products from our hardware partners, we also offer a wide variety of unused & refurbished open market equipment at industry-best pricing.

Never sacrifice reliability when purchasing from the open market again when you source from North American Systems. All of our equipment is genuine & tested to be in working order before it ships, and if applicable, is audited to confirm its authenticity. We stand behind all of the products we ship, and guarantee it will be in working order when it arrives at your site.

IBM Servers

  • Power 7 - up to 4.25GHz processors, 8 cores per socket
  • BladeCenter - reduce management costs and maximize compute density with this blade server technology
  • System x - Intel-processor based systems provide outstanding capability and price/performance
  • Power 6 - up to 5.0GHz proccessors with integrated hardware acceleration
  • System i - highly-flexible midrange technology with POWER5 processors
  • System i - this legacy midrange system can fulfill one of three roles: front-end server, to support Web-based graphical user
  • System p - with the ability to run AIX UNIX or Linux, these servers feature mainframe-inspired reliability, availability, and autonomic computing capabilities

HP Servers

  • HP Integrity - featuring the Intel© Itanium® processors, these servers offer superior performance for a wide variety of operating environments
  • HP ProLiant - cost-effective, industry-standard x86 based servers
  • HP Blade - increase compute density while decreasing complexity and power consumption
  • HP 9000 - featuring PA-RISC processors, these legacy systems are designed to support HP-UX environments

Dell Servers

North American Systems offers the full Dell product line, including Dell PowerEdge Tower Servers, Dell PowerEdge Rack Servers, and Dell Blade Server solutions.

Sun Servers

  • Sun SPARC64 - featuring the Enterprise-class M-Series SPARC processors for complex computing environments
  • Sun CoolThreads - also called SPARC Enterprise, these servers run on the UltraSPARC T-Series processors with chip multithreading technology
  • Sun Midrange - x64, x86 & SPARC based Sun Fire servers
  • Sun Entry-Level - x64, x86 & SPARC based Sun Fire servers with up to 8 sockets

SGI Servers

North American Systems is a nationwide authorized reseller of all SGI products, and can sell and implement SGI HPC and midrange server technologies including the Altix & Altix UV systems, and the ICE cluster computing solutions.

Services for Servers

In addition to offering server alternatives from the open market for our customers, we also offer server upgrades and spares at very competitive prices. Other server-related services include: