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QLogic SAN Fibre Channel switches & hardware deliver cost-effective solutions with high availability & performance. The industry-first to deliver 4Gbps connectivity, QLogic was also the first manufacturer to offer stackable switching solutions and a hyperstack core. As a result, QLogic is the market leader in Fibre Channel HBAs, blade server switches, and stackable switches. The QLogic SAN fibre switches can be deployed as standalone units or multi-stage fabrics, for a perfect base for east-to-manage, resilient and intelligent SANs.

QLogic Switches & Routers

QLogic Fibre Channel Switches

9000 Series - 8Gb or 4Gb with 128 ports in 4U, expandable to 256 ports in 8U

5000 Series - stackable, 8Gb, 4Gb or 2Gb with 96 ports

3000 Series - 8 ports with 8Gb and backwards compatibility

1000 Series - 10 ports with 4Gb and backwards compatibility

QLogic Infiniband Switches

12000 Series - 40Gb, expandable from 18 to 864 ports

9000 Series - 20Gb, expandable from 24 to 288 ports

QLogic Intelligent Storage Routers

6200 Series - SAN-over-WAN connectivity, 8Gb Fibre Channel and 1GbE/10Gb iSCSI

6100 Series - iSCSI to Fibre Channel connectivity for storage applications that run across WANs

QLogic Adapters

QLogic CNAs

QLogic 8100 Series - low profile, PCI Express Gen2, 10Gbps

QLogic Fibre Channel HBAs

QLogic 2500 Series - 8Gb adapters

QLogic 2400 Series - 4Gb adapters

QLogic Ethernet HBAs

QLogic 3200 Series - PCI Express Gen2 x8, dual-port throughput of up to 40Gbps

QLogic 3100 Series - 10GbE Ethernet throughput, copper or optical

QLogic 3000 Series - 1000/100/10 Mbps, PCI Express Gen2 host bus support


QLogic 4000 Series - 1GbE iSCSI Adapters for SAN connectivity over Ethernet and TCP/IP

QLogic Infiniband HCAs

QLogic 7300 Series - single-port and dual-port 40Gbps

QLogic 7200 Series - high-performance DDR 4x IB-to-PCI Express x16

Legacy QLogic Hardware

QLogic 4Gbps SAN switches

SANbox 5600 - stackable 4Gbps switch lets you expand as you grow

QLogic 2Gbps SAN switches

SANbox 5200 - expand 2Gbps to the edge of your network with these stackable fibre switches

SANblade HBAs

QLogic’s reliable host bus adapters feature 2Gbps & 4Gbps connectivity

QLogic 6000 iSCSI to Fibre Channel

SANbox 6140 - intelligent storage routing enable the connection of low-cost iSCSI devices to Fibre Channel

Storage Service Platforms

SANbox 8200 - speed the deployment & extension of new storage services while consolidating multiple SAN islands

QLogic also sets itself apart with its warranty. To find out more about QLogic’s warranty, please contact us today.