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The Axiom™ storage system provides advanced QoS management and no single point of failure

Pillar Data Systems LogoIf your company utilizes a Tier-1 storage provider like EMC, it is likely that the costs and complexities of your storage solutions are greatly reducing the anticipated ROI of migrating to a SAN.

Many storage vendors have promised large advantages of moving to a SAN, such as:

  • increased storage utilization,
  • greater scalability,
  • superior performance and data protection,
  • better data availability,
  • and simplified management.

Unfortunately, many times vendors don’t deliver on these promises.

Many times, these storage deployments develop into multiple tiers, with distinct applications and separate storage systems. Interoperability problems add to the problem by forcing storage administrators to deploy multiple SAN “islands”, which adds complexity to what should be a simplified, consolidated SAN, in addition to ensuring more underutilized storage capacity.

In addition, many of these vendors greatly increase the cost of adding capacity to your storage infrastructure. By charging for everything from basic volume copies, and slipping in other hidden storage costs with complex licensing schemes, your SAN storage infrastructure may end up being more complex and expensive than when your storage was localized on disparate DAS islands!

The Solution

North American Systems works with Pillar Data Systems to provide a superior solution that provides Tier-1 storage solutions at Tier-3 pricing.

The Pillar Axiom™ Storage System not only presents lower-acquisition costs than competing systems from EMC, StorageTek and NetApp, it also lowers your TCO with features like one-time software licensing and truly modular, high volume components and a system that automatically allocates assets where they are needed most.

This comprehensive storage solution provides you with flexibility in choosing storage applications to deploy to your enterprise, including:

Pillar Data’s Axiom Storage System can manage all of these applications from a single wizard-based management interface. The Axiom Storage System includes the Axiom Pilot policy controller. With the Axiom Pilot, you can assign appropriate QoS (quality of service) levels for different types of data on a single system, and let Pillar’s intelligent provisioning and predictive modeling reduce complex storage management challenges.

The Pillar Axiom Slammer dual storage controllers are high-performance, highly reliable data movers and managers. Configure as a SAN or NAS front-end, and virtualize your storage pool for organic growth of filesystems and LUNs.

The Pillar Axiom Brick storage enclosure provides the highly-available, high-performance disk capacity for your storage pool.

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