Pillar Axiom™ Brick storage enclosure

High-available disk storage capacity

Pillar Axiom Pilot Policy ControllerThe Pillar Axiom Brick storage enclosures provide high-performance storage for Pillar Axiom Storage Systems. Add up to 64 bricks into your common SAN/NAS storage pool, and choose between the 250GB units for 3TB RAW in 2U, or the 500GB units for 6TB RAW in 2U.

Pillar Data Axiom Brick storage enclosures also feature:

  • any-to-any connectivity between any combination of Bricks and Axiom Slammers via the storage system fabric
  • Pillar Data Systems Logodual RAID-5 controllers with 256MB local cache and a hot-standby disk drive for complete rebuilds in hours rather than days
  • a port multiplexer offers data access to all drives via the surviving controller, should one controller fail
  • multiple FC interfaces and connections to the Slammer offer redundant protection to avoid a single-point-of-failure

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