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RAC is an option to Oracle 10g Enterprise. Designed for high availability, as well as non-disruptive, cost-effective scalability and dynamic workload management, Oracle Clusterware and Real Application Clusters enable the deployment of clustered databases with having to tailor and re-purpose application architectures for clustering. Oracle 10g RAC implements clustering transparently, supporting a wide variety of mainstream business applications such as SAP, PeopleSoft, Siebel, & Oracle E*Business Suite. The RAC cluster can be controlled from a single point, with a GUI or command line.

High Availability

With Oracle RAC clusters, you can remove single points of failure, by spreading workloads across nodes. If a node fails, or needs to be shutdown for any reason, it can be taken offline at any time, without any disruption to application users.

Oracle Real Application Clusters include a feature called FAN (fast application notification), which enables end-to-end recovery & load balancing when the cluster configuration changes for any reasons. This feature can also automatically notify administrators, and start or stop applications as needed, and clean up connections for instances that are down, and automatically create new instances when an up event is received.

Flexibility & Scalability

Oracle RAC gives businesses the options to leverage cost-effective, commodity hardware components such as processing units, storage, and networking components. Scale up to 100 nodes in a single cluster with Oracle Real Application Clusters, reducing the need to switch out hardware to achieve horizontal scalability. With clustering, you can simply add similar services without disrupting operations.

Automatic Workload Balancing & Management

Oracle Database 10g allows you to define application workloads as Services, enabling administrators to individually manage & control them, allocating processing resources committed to these Services to respond to changing computing requirements, and respond to system failures.

In addition, DBAs can set Oracle RAC to track customized performance metrics & automatically send alerts as certain thresholds are crossed. Users are automatically load balanced across the cluster, and this Services approach provides true location transparency with queuing via Oracle Stream Advanced Queuing, which can map batch processes to various Services.


This comprehensive and integration clusterware management solution enables advanced clustering features such as:

  • mechanisms for cluster messaging
  • locking
  • failure detection
  • recovery

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