Oracle Database 10g High Availability Features

Oracle 10g DatabaseAlthough Oracle is an extremely reliable, businesses must still plan for site & system failures, as well as human errors that disrupt mission-critical database applications. Oracle provides a wide variety of optional modules you can incorporate into your Oracle solution to minimize downtime of your critical applications and databases.


This Cold Failover Cluster solution for Windows integrates with Windows Cluster Server to enable fast and accurate failover of Oracle instances.

Flashback Query, Flashback Table, and Flashback Transaction

Enhance and speed data recovery procedures with this tool that can diagnose and undo errors without disrupting the database or applications.

Data Guard

This high availability tool provides disaster recovery and data protection tool by allowing businesses to create, maintain, and monitor standby databases that can be made into production databases in case of site failures, system failures, errors, or data corruption.

Secure Backup

Oracle LogoThis tape backup management module for Oracle environments centralizes backup and restore operations to DAS- or NAS-attached tape devices.

Recovery Manager

This module simplifies, automates and improves server-managed backup and recovery processes.

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