Oracle Database 10g Content Management

Oracle 10g DatabaseOracle provides a powerful set of tools that enables businesses and organizations to integrate information with their own data, synchronously and asynchronously, from various non-Oracle databases, for seamless interoperation with heterogeneous environments.


XML DB is a powerful tools for storing and managing XML. It utilizes the W3C XML data model to access and navigate XML data correctly.


interMedia extends Oracle’s functionality to the management & retrieval of rich media assets such as images, video and audio. Able to support the most popular multimedia formats, this tool can also provide the ability to extract metadata and perform basic image processing.


This content management tool provides capabilities to index, search and analyze text documents located in the Oracle database, in files, or on the web. This powerful tool supports:

  • multiple languages
  • linguistic analysis
  • keyword searching
  • context queries
  • mixed thematic queries
  • Boolean operations
  • pattern matching
  • HTML & XML section searching
  • classification, clustering and support for information visualization


Oracle LogoThe Locator modules provides the core location functionalities needed to support location-based services and 3rd-part GIS software.


Designed for integration with GIS, Oracle Spatial enables the analysis of data based on the spatial relationships of associated data, and storing it in an industry-standard database. Vendor tools and applications can access data directly from the Oracle Database to minimize costs while providing interoperability.

Secure Enterprise Search

Enhance the power of distributed databases by querying or updating data contained on two or more distinct nodes.

Oracle Content Database

With Oracle Content DB and the Fusion Architecture, enterprises can cost-effectively integrate unstructured data such as Office documents, images, and rich media into databases. This tool deliver powerful file, document, and business process management capabilities with out-of-the-box applications and SOA.

Oracle Records Database

Records DB assists companies with achieving regulatory compliance and appropriate risk management with secure, policy-based retention and disposition management capabilities.

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