Nexsan Disk Storage

Disk arrays & storage solutionNexsan SATA RAIDs with great $/TB

Nexsan’s cost-effective disk systems don’t sacrifice features, resiliency, or capabilities for businesses that need low-cost, high performance disk storage for a variety of reasons.

Nexsan Systems

Assureon - this data retention and long-term archival solution handles data lifecycles for eDiscovery and other regulatory requirements

DeDupe SG - a fully-integrated deduplication appliance with FalconStor FDS data deduplication software

DATABeast - a unified SAN/NAS storage platform that ships with all hardware and software pre-integrated

iSeries - a midrange iSCSI SAN system with enterprise-class features and high reliability, performance, and density

Nexsan RAID Arrays/Disk Enclosures

SASBeast - 18.9 TB of SAS storage in 4U, mix-and-match SAS & SATA in same unit, iSCSI & FC connectivity

SASBoy - 6.3 TB of SAS storage in 3U, mix-and-match SAS & SATA in same unit, iSCSI & FC connectivity, or iSCSI & SAS

SATABeast - 42TB of SATA storage in 4U, iSCSI & FC connectivity

SATABoy - 14TB of SATA storage in 3U, iSCSI & FC connectivity, or iSCSI & SAS

SATABeast Xi - same as the SATABeast, but for Mac shops. This features a custom-designed management interface that matches the Leopard look-and-feel

Nexsan Energy Saving Technology

Nexsan’s unique AutoMAID™ technology included with all of its newer systems and disk arrays is designed to help IT departments save on power and cooling costs by idling disks at appropriate times.

Nexsan Storage Applications

Nearline storage

You no longer need to store important data on slow and inaccessible media such as tape or optical storage formats like DVD or CD. Nearline storage can now be protected with a cost-effective disk array from Nexsan.

D2D - Disk to Disk Backup

Online access to data means superior business continuity. Nexsan’s cost-effective disk solutions provide the speed, redundancy, and availability to deliver superior disk-based backup with great density and less cost than tape libraries.

Secondary Storage

The enterprise class features and performance of Nexsan RAID arrays enable large file repositories for thousands of users to be stored on a single system.

Video or Audio archival

Nexsan disk provides the capacity to store massive video and audio archives that can be instantly accessed for play-on-demand applications.

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