Lake Region Medical - Success Story

Lake Region U.S Facilities“I believe that if any company truly evaluated various endpoint protection software solutions, they would choose Sophos every time.” - Phil St. Ores, CIO, Lake Region Medical

Lake Region Searches for an Endpoint Protection Solution

Lake Region Medical was seeking alternatives to replace their existing anti-virus and malware protection solutions. Since they were developing medical devices, it was especially important to keep endpoints protected, to reduce the risk of data being leaked. Currently, Lake Region had a combination of Symantec, McAfee, AVG and other miscellaneous software products protecting end-user desktops and laptops, but the administrative burden of managing multiple endpoint protection solutions was becoming prohibitive. They evaluated alternatives, and decided on Sophos Endpoint Security to keep their end-users’ desktops and laptops protected.

Sophos LogoLake Region’s Migration to Sophos

For other security solutions, rolling out new security software throughout an organization of this size, especially when they have multiple locations overseas, would be a cost- and time-intensive effort; but for Lake Region’s migration to Sophos Endpoint Protection, it was much different.

To implement Sophos Endpoint Protection throughout their company, Lake Region Medical:

  • Had a combination of Symantec, McAfee, AVG, and others installed throughout the  organization
  • The Sophos installer automatically uninstalled virtually all previously installed anti- virus software
  • Required minimal user intervention with a Sophos tech over the phone in the rare cases  that the current anti-virus would not install
  • Didn’t require any on-site resources; at remote locations all tasks were performed by the  IT staff at headquarters
  • Took 4 hours per facility to completely install
  • Except for a few isolated cases, involved zero end-user disruption or intervention

Lake Region’s Results, The Benefits of Sophos Endpoint Protection

“Other endpoint security products can update the security policies and software of remote users, but not nearly as well as Sophos.” - Phil St. Ores, CIO, Lake Region Medical

Reduced administrative overhead

Lake Region Medical was able to reduce by more than 50% the amount of administrative resources dedicated to managing endpoint protection. Currently, only one individual is dedicated to managing the security of the entire organization.

The learning curve was greatly lowered, making it much easier to administrate the security policies and enforcement and end-users with an intuitive point-and-click GUI. IT staff didn’t require specific training to get up-to-speed.

Enhanced ease-of-use and management

Phil St. Ores remarked that, “before, we used to receive 5-7 complaints per week regarding programs being blocked as a result of patches being installed etc., but since we’ve implemented Sophos Endpoint Security we receive virtually zero user complaints regarding issues relating to their security software”.

Lake Region is impressed by the true “single-panel” interface that allows them to administrate the security policies throughout the organization. This is in contrast to their previous solution, where they had to manage via multiple interfaces of patchwork of solutions and endless plugins, and enterprise console that were promised, but never delivered or implemented.

Reduced security risks

During the installation of the Sophos Endpoint Security, Lake Region Medical discovered that although all PCs and laptops were already protected by other endpoint protection software, there were a number of machines that were infected but not caught by the solutions they had installed before Sophos. These end-user computers were immediately quarantined so the threats could be removed prior to them re-joining the network.

Shortly after the Sophos migration, Lake Region Medical’s endpoint security scans detected that multiple users had infected and unsanctioned USB storage devices throughout their networks. Security policies were developed and enforced immediately, to protect against this security and data protection threat.
Lake Region Medical also actively uses Sophos PUA detection and removal (potentially-unwanted applications) to discover and delete software located on end-users’ machines that is undesirable and poses security threats.

“Sophos is unique in its approach, in that it began as a security solution for enterprise-class systems, as opposed to products initially designed for home PCs, and non-managed point solutions that lack an enterprise console. Since Sophos has a has a longer tradition in the business security space, they have a deeper understanding of corporate IT department’s unique security needs, and have designed their products with IT administrators and managers in mind.” - Phil St. Ores, CIO, Lake Region Medical

Thoughts on North American Systems

“It’s nice to work with North American Systems, because in addition to responding quickly to our concerns and requests, they are excellent in their follow-through after the sale.” - Phil St. Ores, CIO, Lake Region Medical

Sophos Customer Service

“It’s refreshing to be able to contact technical support, and be on the line with someone who knows what they are talking about during the initial contact. Many issues can be resolved during the first call, and don’t require escalation.” - Phil St. Ores, CIO, Lake Region Medical

Lake Region’s Final Thoughts on Sophos

“Other security software vendors tend to oversell their products, claiming they have advanced security features that they really don’t have... Sophos is a mature product that delivers exactly what they promise.” - Phil St. Ores, CIO, Lake Region Medical

About Lake Region Medical

Founded in 1947, Lake Region Medical is a global leader in interventional and diagnostic guidewires, and other medical devices. With customers in over 50 countries, Lake Region Medical specializes in developing and manufacturing minimally invasive devices for cardiovascular, endovascular, and neurovascular applications.

Lake Region’s headquarters are located in the Twin Cities suburb of Chaska, Minnesota. In addition, they have two facilities overseas in Ireland, and need to protect PCs and laptops for 1,500 employees.