Network Attached Storage for enhanced file serving and archival

Network attached storage arose as a solution to the many problems associated with DAS (direct attached storage). Direct attached storage was the only way for enterprises to store centralized data at first, and as storage needs increased, there were problems with manageability. Adding capacity usually meant adding additional servers to your infrastructure, resulting in wasted capacity and increased downtime, as you add servers. Adding servers almost certainly meant increasing IT headcount as well, and file serving functions placed enormous strains on the CPU.

North American Systems can provide your business with the vendor-neutral advice you need when it comes to deciding which NAS head or filer might be best for your business, based on your performance and capacity requirements and budget restrictions. Some of our NAS manufacturers include:

  • BlueArc - these NAS storage systems offers industry-best price/performance metrics and superior scalability
  • HDS - Hitachi Data Systems NAS integrates seamlessly with its Universal Storage Platform
  • IBM - designed for NAS & SAN convergence across vendors & platforms

NAS gives you the ability to separately scale file storage and serving capabilities, without having to add expensive and difficult-to-manage servers. NAS also features:

  • easy installation and monitoring
  • fast data response time
  • multi-protocol access and support
  • very scalable
  • open standards-based access to data

NAS appliances allows concurrent access of both Unix and Windows clients, further reducing complexity and TCO (total cost of ownership), by not requiring the purchase of two different servers for different file systems. Many NAS appliances a variety of filesystems, including, NFS and SMB/CIFS files, as well and HTTP, FTP, and NDMP.

NAS also helps to reduce backup time, by keeping backup data off the network and streaming data from the disk volumes to the tape devices attached to the NAS devices, allowing for an interrupted, rather than start/stop cycle, if data being backup is being accessed as well.

In all, NAS is a great solution for small- and medium-business that seek to simplify and reduce the cost of their rising storage needs. NAS allows you to separate the purchase of storage capacity and/or bandwidth, without having to purchase additional servers.

NAS is best suited for file-based I/O applications, but struggle to offer the block I/O needs of large databases. For something more suited for file- and block I/O storage, take a look at SAN.

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