Migration Services

Reduce downtime and maximize effectiveness when migrating systems

Anytime applications and data are moved to another system for one reason or another, it is imperative to move them with as little disruption to business operations.

As businesses begin to depend on IT applications and data, and they begin to operate 24x7, a migration with any downtime or “glitches” can prove to be very costly.

Why Migrate?

In today’s competitive business climate, companies must stay innovative and respond to change quickly. An efficient, open and flexible IT infrastructure is key to enabling innovation and aligning IT practices to achieve business goals.

In the past, as businesses has grown, their IT infrastructures have had to grow with it. This meant acquiring and installing new systems as needed. Eventually, this approach leads to an overly complex infrastructure that is difficult and costly to manage. Additional capacity and functionality may be avoided or delayed because of the headaches involved with it.

Relying on legacy hardware and out-of-date software can not only be expensive, it can be risky because of the lack of support options.

Migrate to an IBM platform

IBM continues to support open systems and software initiatives and pioneer virtualization technologies designed to drive down costs and simplify architectures. In addition their broad application and systems portfolio, they features a long-term support cycle of supporting applications and hardware.

  • Migrate to System i™ - the ultimate consolidation and migration platform feature a systems that can simultaneously run IBM i5/OS®, IBM AIX 5L™, Linux® and Windows® workloads on a single system
  • Migrate to System p™ - consolidate your UNIX® and Linux applications, to a proven, open, adaptable server platform
  • Migrate to System x™ - upgrade your industry-standard Windows and Linux x86 architecture to a more manageable, available and scalable

Systems Upgrades

When upgrading servers to newer models, you can save money, and simplify management and support, while offering enhanced performance and availability, but you must take steps to mitigate risk. North American Systems offers a breadth of services to ensure your system upgrades are painless. .

North American Systems has been providing IT solutions, sevices and hardware for over 15 years.

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