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32-core Intel® Xeon® cluster system for $23,500

That's right, get a fully-integrated SGI® cluster with industry-standard Intel Xeon x86 architecture for under $25,000.

This SGI Altix® XE1300 includes:

  • 32-core processing power with 2.5GHz Quad-core Intel Xeon processors
  • 1GB main memory per core
  • GigE Interconnect
  • SLES (SUSE Linux Enterprise Server)
  • 3-year hardware/1-year software warranty
  • 1TB of storage

What’s the Catch? There is no catch!

This solution includes it all, including the 8-core head node, 20U short rack, PDU, 24-port Gigabit Ethernet Switch and cables, DVD-ROM, monitor, keyboard and mouse, and integrated storage. It’s a complete, factory-integrated Linux cluster solution with cluster management software in addition to job scheduling and workload management software, pre-installed.


Benefits of SGI Clusters

  • Preconfigured integrated clusters
  • Ready for immediate deployment
  • Minimizes set-up, administrative issues
  • Intel Cluster Ready certification
  • Runs ICR certified applications
  • Expand or scale as requirements grow

Does it scale?

Silicon Graphics’ unique cluster technology allows you to scale this inexpensive system to 64- and 128-core, upgrade to 3.0GHz Xeon processors, support up to 2GB/core (memory can scale separately), and utilize InfiniBand interconnect for HPC. These systems also support Microsoft Windows and RedHat Linux as well.

Altix XE1300 Small Cluster Configuration (BUNDLE-XE-CO-GIGE-SGIC-S)
Part # Quantity Description
X86-PTO 1 Altix XE system
LSX-SHORTRACK-Z 1 20U Short Rack
1UCONSOLE-Z 1 1U slide-out console with monitor, keyboard and mouse
GBE-STK24-Z 1 Stacking 24-port Gigabit Ethernet switch
LSX-CLUSTERINT-Z 1 Factory-integrated cluster
CBL-GBE-FJ45-50FT-Z 1 Gigabit Ethernet Cat5E RJ45 cable - 50 feet
CBE-GBE-06-THRU-25FT 5 Cable Gigabit Ethernet Cat5E RJ45 6 through 25 feet
LSX-PDU-220-Z 1 Power Distribution Unit for US, Canada, Japan, Korea, Taiwan
LSX-BASE-250-H 1 Altix XE250 head node
LSX-CONFIG-JBOD 1 JBOD hard drive configuration
LSX-CPU-5420 2 2.5GHz/12MB/1333MHz 80W Quad-Core Xeon® Processor
LSX-MEM-FB-4G-800 2 4GB main memory, fully-buffered DIMM set (2 x 2GB, 800MHz)
LSX-DVD-RW-INT-Z 1 Internal DVD-RW drive
LSX-BASE-320-GE 2 Altix XE320 base chassis (GigE on-board) with two compute nodes
LSX-CONFIG-JBOD 4 JBOD hard drive configuration
LSX-CPU-5420 8 2.5GHz/12MB/1333MHz 80W Quad-Core Xeon® Processor
LSX-MEM-FB-4G-800 8 4GB main memory, fully-buffered DIMM set (2 x 2GB, 800MHz)
SC5-SLS10-ENG-GR-X86 1 Media for SLES (SUSE Linux Enterprise Server) 10; English; for x86_64
SR5-SLS-SV1-32-1Y 1 SMP server 1-32 sockets with 1-year of upgrade protection; for x86_64
SR5-SLS-CL1-8-1Y 4 HPC cluster/compute node; 1-8 sockets with 1 year upgrad protection; x86_64 systems
NI5-PBSPRO-NA-AN 40 PBS Pro annual lease license with tech support
M4-SVCWRNT-1.3 1 Global Services In-box docs; Product warranty, support programs and services
NI5-PLATFMNGR-XE-1Y 5 One-year Platform Manager right-to-use license for XE

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If you want to change the configuration in any way, please note it in the additional comments below. Also, if you want to have an onsite meeting with a NASI rep, an SGI pre-sales engineer, and an Intel rep to talk about the Xeon chipset roadmap, let us know.