IT and Professional Services

As a hardware reseller for 20 years, North American Systems understands the complexities and challenges associated with IT infastructures. We offer a number of services that are designed to lower costs and meet business requirements.

IT Projects

  • IT Roadmaps and Assessments
  • IT Configuration Services
  • ROI Analysis
  • IT Installation & Integration Services
  • Systems Migration
  • Technology Refresh Services
  • North American Systems helps IT departments design and configure IT systems and solutions that fit their unique business requirements. We know how important it is to choose the right technology from the right vendor, so we work with our network of provider and vendors to develop solutions that are cost-effective and meet your proejct criteria, ensuring maximum project ROI.

    Our approach is holistic, as we can help in the planning and design stages to help you configure a system that meets your business requirements, offering a variety of alternatives across multiple vendors, product lines, and the option to purchased refurbished equipment.

    We can put together proof-of-concepts, and systems can be demoed in our technical lab area. Our technical engineering staff can pre-install and configure operating systems and software prior to shipment, and perform live staging of the equipment prior to shipment. This ensures that our customers can rollout new technology with minimal disruption. Our team of technical engineers can also perform on-site installations.

    IT Purchasing

  • Asset Dispostion & Consignment
  • Data Destruction
  • Financing & Leasing
  • IT Lifecycle Management
  • Refurbished Equipment
  • Short-Term Rentals
  • North American Systems IT purchasing solutions are designed to maximize the lifetime value of your IT equipment investments. To minimize capital acquisition costs, we offer refurbished options from all of the leading technology vendors like IBM, HP, Sun, and Cisco. For customers that need IT equipment to quickly to fill in “gaps”, we can offer short-term rentals of equipment that can eventually be purchased.

    To maximize the value of your IT equipment, we can offer refurbished upgrades and spare parts at a fraction of the cost of vendor-offered hardware, including hard-to-find parts for your legacy and EOL equipment as well. Our third-party maintenance solutions provides support for equipment that is end-of-life and end-of-support-life.

    North American Systems offers fair market value for computer equipment after it has reached the end of its useful life or lease term, with an option to receive trade-in credit if desired, streamlining acquisition processes. For secure data destruction, we have a mobile mechnical shredder that can be brought to your loading dock, and used to shred disk drives and tape cartridges.

    IT Maintenance

  • Independent Maintenance
  • Maintenance Process
  • Maintenance Levels
  • Saving Money with Maintenance
  • North American Systems provides 3rd maintenance as a cost-effective alternative to OEM maintenance. In addition to helping IT organizations save money, these independent maintenance options offer multivendor capabilities, to streamline the process of resolving technical issue with a single-point-of-contact, and enabling IT departments to put all equipment under a single maintenance contract with one expiration date.

    In addition to saving money while simplifying the maintenance process across multiple vendor products, the third-party maintenance North American Systems provides enables IT organizations to be more flexible. You can mix-and-match multiple maintenance levels depending on the machine, opting for platinum-level support for mission-critical systems, and next-business-day level maintenance for lab and test and development systems.

    North American Systems’ 3rd party maintenance offerings also offer IT departments the ability to utilize refurbished systems and upgrades without jeopardizing their maintenance status. Our independent maintenance features a “fix-first” policy that makes sure that the problem is resolved before compliance is checked.