IT Roadmap planning and assessments

North American Systems offers strategic IT planning services

Determining the direction of your IT infrastructure can be a difficult task. Matching short-term and long-term goals, aligning IT strategy with business objectives and requirements, while evaluating all options and alternatives and working within budget realities, requires a disciplined approach.

IT Assessments

After determining your future IT requirements, the next step is an overview of what technologies and resources you currently have on-hand. North American Systems can help you discover, inventory and assess your existing investments, and what can be utilized to achieve your IT objectives.

Our assessment services can emcompass software license assessments to determine compliance with terms & conditions, and determine if there are unused licenses available, in addition to unused hardware resources. We can also assist with benchmarking your current technology as well, to During the assessment we can help you review your business needs, and determine what resouces can be repurposed, and which ones need to be retired.

IT Roadmaps

An evaluation of your current, as-is situation is important to help build a set of scenarios and alternatives that management can review, to help them decide what course of action to take. Our roadmap services can also help you define a set of metric to utilize to track, review and refine your roadmap.

North American Systems is one of the few companies to offer roadmap services that offer alternatives like refurbished equipment, options to redeploy and repurposed unused assets for other needs, and third-party maintenance. Many of the IT roadmap servivce providers in the market stick to offering IT roadmap services that involve buying all new equipment, retiring all old equipment, and using vendor-direct maintenance offerings. Our IT roadmaps focus on cost-containment and flexibliity, stressing vendor independence, and maximizing the lifecycles of your existing investments.

Whether you are performing a single technology refresh or transforming your enterprise architecture, North American Systems is capable of helping you build a roadmap to get where you want your organization’s infrastructure to be. Leveraging our extensive marketplace experience, our IT roadmaps focus on a collection of best practices we have built through our years of service and similar IT implementations.

IT Transition

We can assist the development of a transition plan, to ensure a cost-effective implementation of your IT roadmap that minimizes business disruption. Prioritizing tasks, setting goals and reviewing performance to determine whether a change in strategy is required, are all part of our IT transition services, and can also help IT better articulate the business benefits that can be achieved by following the roadmap, which assists with the approval of purchases and other decisions.

North American Systems has been providing IT solutions, sevices and hardware for over 15 years.

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