IT Equipment Rentals

North American Systems offers short-term rentals of IT equipment. Our equipment rental option allows IT departments to delay the purchase of new hardware without having to go through procurement approval process.The process of renting IT hardware from North American Systems is much more simple and streamlined than formal IT leasing and financing.

Server rentals, storage rentals, networking equipment rentals, PCs, laptops and thin client rentals

We offer rentals of servers, storage systems, and networking equipment, and can in some cases, fulfill the rental requirements for desktop PCs, laptops or thin clients. North American Systems even offers the option to rent refurbished equipment, in the cases where low-cost hardware is needed, or legacy hardware is needed to support older platforms to delay upgrades.

IT rentals have proven to be a valuable alternative to customers who need IT equipment in the short term for a number of reasons. In some cases, their equipment has failed, and they need a replacement system expedited, but can’t get it fast enough because of their internal IT procurement and approval processes. In other situations, workloads substantially increase for various reasons, and they quickly need another system installed to handle the increased demand.

Another reason customers rent IT equipment from North American Systems is to evaluate how the system integrates and operates in their particular environment. This allows them to confirm interopability and benchmark specific hardware configurations to determine if the hardware is going to fulfill their needs, and is appropriate for purchase. Also, North American systems offers lease purchase options.

Rent-to-buy IT equipment

In some cases, we can credit a portion of the monthly payment towards the purchase of the hardware. This rental purchase option enables customers to temporarily use some of their operating budget to fund stopgap measures, while partially funding the purchase of the equipment.

North American Systems has been providing IT solutions, sevices and hardware for over 15 years.

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