Service Levels

Standardized Coverage Plans for Systems Maintenance

North American Systems works with you to craft a 3rd party maintenance plan that cost-effectively meets your service level requirements.

North American Systems works with customers to understand their current IT environment to help determine what is needed in terms of maintenance. In addition to the standard service levels, we can also craft contracts with customized SLAs as needed. Different service levels can be provided to each site under one contract, and they can even be customized to the system level if required.

Please note that the below service levels are merely guidelines to provide an overview of what we can offer. Specific service level plan details will vary.

Critical Plus

Appropriate for mission-critical systems that require maximum availability, critical plus service offers 24x7 help desk with 4-hour onsite response 24x7x365.


Ideal for key business systems that need high availability, critical level service provides 24x5 help desk Monday- Friday, & 4-hour onsite response.


This is an economical option for 8x5 help desk services during the workweek, & 4-hour onsite response during standard business hours (excluding holidays).


This low-cost option provides help desk support and self-service replacement parts. Designed for companies with experienced technical staff.

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