IT Lifecycle Management

The increasing dependability of IT equipment, combined with the budget restrictions many IT departments face, means that many organizations are seeking to extend the useful life of equipment, and delay technology refreshes.

Spares and upgrades for existing IT investments

North American Systems can help IT organizations extend the useful life of much of their hardware, maximizing the return on their IT investments. By offering refurbished and unused parts for spares and upgrades for existing IT systems, we can help keep legacy systems running well past the manufacturer’s “end-of-life” date.

IT assessments

We can also help you assess the hardware assets you have, and evaluate what systems should be disposed of, which ones can be redeployed. North American Systems can even help you dig deeper into your IT infrastructure, and what spare parts can be removed from unused hardware, and put into hardware that is being used.

IT maintenance options

If your original manfacturer’s warranty has expired on a system, instead of paying for an expensive maintenance renewal on the system, we offer third-party maintenance solutions as an alternative to the oftentimes expensive warranty renewals vendors’ offer.

Maintaining this independence from the manufacturer allows IT customers to dictate technology refresh cycles at their pace, and not be put on the forced upgrade track, where organizations need to update their technology simply because the maintenance costs have become too expensive.

Technology Refresh

When you do need to ugprade your techology, we can assist with our technology refresh services, enabling you to roadmap, configure, install and implement the systems you need. We can assist with systems, applications, and data migration services, and help you put together a transition plan that minimizes business disruptions.

IT Asset Disposition

For IT equipment and hardware that you no longer need, we can offer cash or trade-in value for it, store it for you temporarily, freeing up floorspace, or offer to sell it for you on the open market on a consignment basis. We can also assist with the proper recycling of IT hardware, and offer data destruction services to protect data on legacy data storage devices from being accessed and used improperly.

North American Systems has been providing IT solutions, sevices and hardware for over 15 years.

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