IT Installation and Integration Services

Reduce disruption and uncertainty when implementing new solutions and systems

In addition to the pre-installation of operating systems and software before systems ship from our warehouse, we also provide installation and integration services. Services include:

  • onsite installations
  • power-up testing
  • network integration
  • solution implementaiton
  • training and setup
  • technical assistance
  • asset dispostion of old hardware

Remove the uncertainty, minimize disruptions, and get your systems up-and-running quickly by having one of our certified engineers come on site to perform your installation. In addition to properly unpacking the hardware, engineers can perform power-up testing, rack systems in your existing rack infrastructure, and integrate it with your existing network and applications.

Our technical engineering staff works closely with our partners, and are certified via the vendor’s certification program on the solutions we offer. In addition, this staff can help provide some training on the solutions as a substitute or supplement to exisiting systems training options.

Beyond installing new systems and servers into your infastructure, North American Systems can offer takeouts and buybacks of unneeded equipment, offering fair market value on retired systems which are no longer needed. We can offer cash, or trade-in credits to streamline the process of upgrading or purchasing newer systems. We can also sell your unused equipment on consignment, providing a maximum amount of flexiblity for asset dispostion options.

We can also help recycle hardware that doesn’t have value in the open market as well. In addition, we offer data destruction services to help with the disposal of assets. Our data destruction services can be done at your site, to protect sensitive data from theft or leakage in transit.

IT Integration

Mergers and acquisitions of other companies lead to a lot of overlap in IT resources, and decision need to be made which ones to keep separate, which ones to decomission, and which ones need to be added. We can help evaluate your current IT infrastructure, and the infrastructure of a company or division which is being merged with yours, and determine the best course of action to transition what you want your enterprise architecture to look like, post-acquisition.

North American Systems has been providing IT solutions, sevices and hardware for over 15 years.

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