IT Configuration Services

North American Systems helps organizations decide what technology is best for them

Trying to figure out exactly what vendor/model/features to choose from when you are selecting IT hardware for your project can be difficult. Balancing capacity, scalabilty and performance requirements with budget realities can be difficult to accomplish.

North American Systems offers configuration services to assist in the technology decision-making process. We specialize in matching your business needs to existing products and technologies in the IT marketplace.If you need guidance on upgrading or purchasing one server, or are building out a full-scale SAN or virtualized environment, we share the established best practices and interoperability knowledge to help you configure a system that meets your requirements.

For complex solutions, we can produce a detailed diagram, and what the design will look like upon completion of the implementation. If you are considering implementing or expanding your virtualization efforts, we also offer capacity planning assessments.

Exploring Alternatives

We are one of the few companies who provides configuration assistance for refurbished systems and other alternatives such as utilizing unused components for repurposing into your production systems, and even redeploying whole systems for backup and DR purposes.

In addition to offering hardware for sale, we can also assist with the financing of your acquisition, and also offer short-term rental solutions.

Technical Lab Services for Testing and Staging

We can pre-build and test and stage configurations in our technical lab, and setup proof-of-concepts and demos of solutions for you to review at our corporate headquarters, or via web conferencing. Our certified technical engineers can show you how the software will work when implemented, and we can pre-install operating systems and software, and test, stage and benchmark your configured system in our lab before we ship it, reducing potential disruptions.

North American Systems has been providing IT solutions, sevices and hardware for over 15 years.

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