IT Asset Disposition

Balancing Costs with Responsibilities

As computer hardware reaches the end of its usable life, IT departments must deal with the dual threats of securely destroying data and responsibly disposing of electronic waste. Dealing with these threats has forced IT staffs to invest in things like cold storage and space rental to store assets before they can properly dispose of it.

  • Midrange & Mainframe
  • Monitors, Terminals, & CPUs*
  • Laptops/Notebooks
  • Printers
  • Keyboards & accessories
  • Disk drives
  • Circuit boards
  • Power supplies
  • Telephone systems
  • POS systems

Evaluation and Discovery

To determine how many assets exist, at what quantities, locations etc. North American Systems asset disposition specialists go through a evaluation process with the end-user. They can verify an existing audit, or go through the discovery process to determine if it qualifies for our IT asset disposition services. After this process is complete, we will make an offer for equipment has value on the open market.

End-Of-Life Solutions for only the cost of transportation

North American Systems has a program where enterprises can dispose of any amount of their assets in an easy one-step process that only requires you to pay for the cost of shipping.

Auditing and Reporting

Once an IT asset enters our disposal facility, it is immediately received and tracked by machine, model, serial number, condition, etc. This allows for explicit asset tracking of equipment throughout the entire disposition process.

Data Destruction

We have a number of data destruction options available, including a software-based data wipe, degaussing, or shredding.

Demanufacturing & e-Cycling

As each piece of equipment gets processed and disassembled. the various components are analyzed in terms of their specifications and condition, to determine if it has any value on the open market. This is how we can provide you with this one-stop service for only the cost of shipping, by reselling some of these components on the open market. If the individual component is determined to be worthless on the open market, then it is completely dismantled and sold on the scrap market.

Chain of Custody and Certificate of Destruction

When the process is complete, you are provided with a certification of destruction/recycling for each serial number, protecting your organization from scandals and accusations of impropriety. Our auditable paper trail demonstrates that your performed due diligence throughout the process, with a partner committed to Best Practices that comply with international guidelines as well as applicable local standards.

* Disposal of certain CRTs may require additional disposal costs in addition to transportation costs.

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