IBM Power™ Systems

IBM Power Family of ServersLeverage IBM’s Power Architecture® with new POWER6™ Processors

IBM 6th-generation of 64-bit processors is the ideal platform for launching any type of optimization project. Able to run any combination of Linux®, AIX® UNIX, and IBM i (formerly i5/OS) workloads on a single system concurrently, the new IBM Power-based system server converge the features and functionality of the highly popular IBM System i and System p platforms.

IBM Power Models Power 595 Power 575 Power 570 Power 550 Express Power 520 Express
CPUs 8 - 64
4.2GHz or 5.0GHz
2, 4, 8, 12 or 16
3.5GHz or 4.2GHz
2, 4, 6 or 8
4.2GHz or 5.0GHz
1, 2, or 4
Main Memory 16GB - 4096GB 32GB - 256GB 2GB - 768GB 1GB - 256GB 1GB - 64GB
Standard Internal Storage 4.8TB (1 I/O drawer) 73.4GB 73.4GB 73.4GB 73.4GB
Maximum Internal Storage w/ optional I/O drawers 144TB 293.6GB 79.2TB 30.6TB 30.6TB

POWER6 processors

IBM’s ultra high-frequency, dual-core POWER6 processors integrate performance, availability, and efficiency features into the microprocessor. POWER6 processors include integrated hardware accelerators; one for floating-point applications, and another vectorized math and modeling needs. Self-healing functionalities such as instruction retry on alternate processor helps with error recovery and availability, and the ability to concurrently update firmware and operating systems without downtime helps to further minimize disruption.

Virtualization with PowerVM

IBM’s Hypervisor™ technology and PowerVM software bring virtualization capabilities to mission-critical applications. In addition to fueling cost-savings efforts like server consolidation, a virtualized infrastructure enables business flexibility and resiliency, allowing software patches to be staged, and virtual operating environments to be provisioned for testing and development.

Conserve energy costs

The POWER6 architecture was designed from the ground up with operating efficiency in mind. The enhanced consolidation capabilities of these servers enable what was formerly running on multiple physical systems, to run on one larger system, reducing redundant components and maintenance contracts. In addition, the new EnergyScale™ technology helps to reduce power & cooling costs with integrated powering-down of particular components, without affecting availability. In addition, IT can gain further insight into power and cooling trends, enabling them to further control costs, manage peak usage, increase availability, and plan for required physical facilities.

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