IBM iSeries High Availability Solutions

iTera Echo2 high availability for the iSeries

Many high availability and disaster recovery solutions for IBM AS/400 iSeries server line are extremely expensive. If your business already has to factor in the cost of a failover systems, and the cost of a DR facility, and the software is expensive, a high availability solution may be out of your budget's reach.

The iTera Echo2 high availability solution for IBM AS/400 and iSeries systems provides an inexpensive way to protect your IBM midrange servers from unexpected downtime in the case of site failures, sudden disasters, and planned downtime.

The IT budgets of many small and medium businesses have traditionally made true high availability solutions affordable only for top-tier IBM midrange end-users, but iTera’s Echo2 software puts a fully-featured HA and DR solutions within grasp for the smallest of IT budgets.

In addition, iTera:

  • saves you thousands a year on annual maintenance costs
  • takes much less time to manage, compared to other HA solutions, saving in additional overhead costs
  • takes much less time to configure, install & integrate
  • saves you from purchasing upgrades or suffering backlogs & latency to your business applications
  • provides enterprise-class reliability in role-swaps, eliminating the hidden cost prevalent in many “lite” HA offerings and barebones toolkits

Many small and medium businesses are under the same amount of pressure as large business, to keep to provide continuous operation of business servers and systems for customers and other users.

These same companies are also under a strain of limited human and money resources, and cannot the steep price that a complete high availability solutions costs, and

iTera's Echo² High Availability is becoming the fastest selling high availability solution in the iSeries world because it is truly reliable, easy-to-use, and affordable. Echo² is built natively on IBM’s remote journal and clustering technologies, which provides extraordinarily fast and accurate replication, as well as extensive automation of the mirroring processes. In addition, reliable and easy-to-use switchover/failover capabilities ensure your data is protected and quickly accessible during both planned and unplanned downtime events.

The best part is that even small iSeries shops can afford the disaster recovery/business continuity benefits of high availability with Echo². This next generation HA product full-featured, fully-scalable solution is priced about the same as the “lite” and otherwise scaled-down HA offerings on the market.

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