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FalconStor’s storage solutions are unique in the fact that they don’t require “rip-and-replace” to take advantage of new technologies. Oftentimes, to implement new storage technologies requires new hardware, which sometimes leads to getting rid of existing storage hardware. FalconStor is designed to work with existing storage hardware, and backup and archival software, to enhance existing architecture and processes, leading to lower acquisition costs, less disruption, and less uncertainty for IT departments that want to take advantage of new technologies without having to migrate data, take systems down, and re-engineer processes.

VTL for backup

FalconStor’s virtual tape library software is an excellent bridge from tape backup to disk backup, enabling IT departments to leverage their existing tape backup hardware and backup software and processes, while implementing disk-based backup for a tiered backup solution. Enabling disk-to-tape, and disk-to-disk-to-tape backup solutions.

FDS for dedupe

Falconstor FDS is file-based, byte-level data deduplication software that integrates with all major D2D backup and archival application, provides high-performance backup and restore, and superior, policy-based flexibility.

FalconStor’s data deduplication appliance, the DeDupe SG, is built on Nexsan disk hardware for a fully-featured and integrated dedupe application solution.

CDP for DR

FalconStor CDP provides continuous data protection for backup and DR purposes, with features that support transactional integrity, fast restore and recovery, and WAN-optimization.

NSS for storage virtualization

Falconstor NSS offer dynamic storage virtualization and provisioning for virtualized and physical servers, and include snapshot and thin provisioning technologies, ideal for VMware environments.

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