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Virtual Tape Library for data protection

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FalconStor VTL Features

For enterprises that are continuing to use tape for backup and data protection, FalconStor’s virtual tape library (VTL) solution can help modernize their current operations without having to perform a disruptive migration to disk-based backup.

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Emulate 50 various tape libraries and 30 different tape formats

FalconStor VTL software is designed to emulate the arrays of tape libraries, drives and cartridges that can be present throughout the backup architecture, allowing IT to migrate to disk-based data protection while continuing to leverage existing tape-based investments. For enterprises struggling with shrinking backup windows, FalconStor VTL can modernize, improve and speed up backup and recovery processes.

Integrate disk and tape into your backup

FalconStor VTL enables the integration of both tape and disk data storage to enabled a tiered backup solution, sending older backups to tape for long-term archival for needs such as compliance. With this VTL solution, you can create tape caching policies to automatically control what data gets moved to tape and when, based on the age of the data, the free space left on disk, or other metrics. If recovery is needed, FalconStor VTL enables the transparent recovery from the virtual or physical tape copy.

Consolidate physical tapes

In addition, FalconStor VTL software enables tape consolidation as well, by allowing multiple virtual tapes to be written to a single physical tape. By maximizing the number of tape cartridges used because backup jobs rarely match the exact size of the target tape, FalconStor VTL significantly reduces the amount of physical cartridges used and allows you to leverage newer, larger capacity physical tape formats.

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