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Network Storage Server for storage virtualization and provisioning across iSCSI, FC, and Infiniband

FalconStor’s network storage server (NSS) software integrates its TimeMark snapshot technology and application- and database-specific Agents to provide a unified data storage management console that connects across virtual storage and physical storage boundaries, regardless of various vendor barriers, as well as across various storage protocols like iSCSI, Fibre Channel, or Infiniband.

Providing complete transactional integrity, FalconStor NSS includes application-aware snapshots, enabling instant recovery to known points in time. In addition, these snapshots can be replicated via IP for remote replication, enabling disaster recovery and DR automation.

FalconStor NSS Diagram

Thin Provisioning

To maximize disk utilization, FalconStor NSS provides thin provisioning functionality. For various applications and servers, storage volumes for applications can be made much bigger in virtual volumes, and physical disk space can be allocated as needed. This way, disk storage requests for storage space can be accommodated without having to source a corresponding amount of physical disk storage resources.

Simultaneous protection of virtual VMware and server and physical servers

FalconStor NSS allows servers virtualized with popular virtualization software to receive the same level of data protection as physical servers. Both can be managed from a single, unified interface, and can be protected to minimize data loss and downtime should hardware or software fail. In addition, FalconStor NSS allows physical server snapshot to be mounted on servers virtualized with software like VMware for recovery or testing purposes.

Key Features of FalconStor NSS

TimeMark snapshots - space-efficient snapshots for iSCSI and FC disks

HyperTrac Backup Accelerator - this option supports serverless file backup to VTL

Microsoft Exchange Message Recovery - integrates with Microsoft Exchange with Recovery Storage Group technology and uses a snapshot disk to recover information in single inboxes

SnapShot Agent for databases - compatible with databases like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase and IBM DB2 technology

SnapShot Agent for messaging systems - application-aware agents for messaging applications like Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange

Synchronous mirroring - protects against hardware failures and enables seamless data migration without disruption

More FalconStor NSS Features

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