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File-interface Deduplication System for data de-dupe

FalconStor FDS software is the solution for IT departments that need high-performance, enterprise-class data protection with integrated global data deduplication. Data dedupe is the latest technology to help organizations to keep protecting data repositories and servers, but FalconStor FDS presents deduplication as a software solution, eliminating the need to re-engineer backup processes, purchase proprietary disk storage, or negatively affect recovery points or recovery times.

Qualified to integrate with all major disk to disk backup and archival applications, FalconStor FDS dedupe software simply presenting an NFS or CIFS file share to the backup and archiving application, eliminating the need to change processes.

FalconStor FDS Diagram

High-performance backup with dedupe

Backup speed isn't affected either with a data deduplication solution built with FalconStor’s FDS technology. This software enables post- and concurrent-process block-level deduplication, so it doesn’t negatively affect data ingest speed.

High-performance restore and recovery

By striping data blocks across the data deduplication repository regardless of whether the data is deduplicated or not, FalconStor FDS enables high-speed data access and restore. Since the data repository utilizes block-level access during the read operations there is no file system overhead, preventing against performance degradation.

Flexible deduplication

Deduplication processes can be managed via policies based on application and business requirements. Data be begin to be deduplicated after the data is received, or it can be temporarily staged for a period of time before it gets deduplicated. This enables the backup to be utilized for other purposes when it may be wise to keep it non-deduplicated, like when copying data, doing data mining, restore operations, or database testing.

Global dedupe for multi-site DR

For multi-site IT operations with branch offices replicating data, FalconStor FDS presents a great alternative to mailing backup tapes between sites. FalconStor FDS data deduplication technology ensures that only unique data is sent from any remote site to the main data center. With FalconStor FDS you can also leverage compression and encryption on top of the data deduplication for more bandwidth optimization and security.

Nexsan DeDupe SG Appliance

FalconStor has collaborated with Nexsan to create a unique deduplication appliance, the DeDupe SG, built on Nexsan hardware and FalconStor FDS software.

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