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Continuous Data Protection for backup and disaster recovery

To protect against all types of data loss, including single bytes or an entire data center, FalconStor provides an open architecture designed to work with heterogeneous architectures and provide instant recovery. FalconStor’s CDP backup software provides data protection for disaster recovery purposes, as well as server and system failures. With continuous, real-time data journaling backed by periodic TimeMark snapshots, FalconStor’s CDP software can support DAS, iSCSI and FC networked storage, and virtualized server and storage environments seamlessly.

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Quick Recovery

Instead of focusing only on data retention, rather than protecting the whole system, for server or site recovery, IT administrators must re-install operating systems and applications, and reapply configuration settings, or copying configuration information to recover the entire system. These lengthy, manual processes can be eliminated with FalconStor CDP software. FalconStor CDP is designed to recover:

  • email or databases in 5 minutes
  • entire locally-protected systems in 10 minutes
  • remote DR sites in 30 minutes

Transactional Integrity

Some of the most time-consuming recovery tasks are the database and file system consistency checks that must be performed during the recovery process. FalconStor CDP technology includes periodic mode protection with its TimeMark snapshots, which are specific to a number of databases, including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, and IBM DB2, in addition to messaging systems like Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes, as well as various file servers. The Microsoft Windows agents are Microsoft-certified to provide 100% transaction integrity.

The snapshot technology included with FalconStor’s CDP software has support for consistency groups. These consistency groups maintain connections between interdependent application volumes. The snapshots of these consistency groups can ensure that a whole group of applications and databases can be mounted as a single virtual volume for instant recovery of various files or volumes.

Thin Protection thin provisioning for efficient disk allocation, and thin replication for WAN-optimization

Allocate physical storage space only as needed with FalconStor CDP’s Thin Protection technology. You can optimize disk capacity allocation while reducing operating expenses associated with storage power consumption and cooling. Utilizing Falconstor DiskSafe extends the benefits of optimization by only copying the used portions of the disk to the mirror, further minimizing storage requirements.

Thin Replication also maximizes network efficiency and security with embedded compression and encryption. Utilizing FalconStor MicroScan technology enables only unique delta data blocks in 512 byte increments, rather than the industry-standard 32kb block sizes, to be replicated across the WAN, reducing bandwidth costs, and providing better recovery point objectives for DR implementations that need rapid remote site recovery, and immediate availability. This thin replication can also be utilized to replicate data from remote offices to the main data center, eliminating the need for site-based tape backups at branch offices.

Key Features of FalconStor CDP

TimeMark snapshots - space-efficient snapshots for iSCSI and FC disks

DiskSafe - transaction monitoring of server disk and synchronous and scheduled disk replication

HyperTrac Backup Accelerator - this option supports serverless file backup to VTL

Microsoft Exchange Message Recovery - integrates with Microsoft Exchange with Recovery Storage Group technology and uses a snapshot disk to recover information in single inboxes

SnapShot Agent for databases - compatible with databases like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase and IBM DB2 technology

SnapShot Agent for messaging systems - application-aware agents for messaging applications like Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange

Synchronous mirroring - protects against hardware failures and enables seamless data migration without disruption

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