Desktop Virtualization Software

Desktop virtualization solutions abstract the user data, settings, applications, and operating system from each other on a server environment, and then delivers them to a remote access device like a PC, laptop or thin client. Desktop virtualization leverages and extends the existing benefits that have been achieved by virtualizing server environments, providing the same costs savings of consolidation, and also work to drastically reduce desktop support costs.

Reducing OPEX

Much of the costs savings comes from the reduced operating expenses that can be achieved by the IT department. Technical resources can manage many more end-users with a desktop virtualization, reducing the expenses associated with provisioning, managing, and supporting PC environments.

Reducing CAPEX

A virtual desktop solution allows IT departments to use thin clients, a lower-cost alternative to desktop computers and laptops. In addition, existing PCs and laptops can have their existing lifecycles extended as thin clients, maximizing the value of existing IT investments. Also, some companies allow users to use their own computers, and provide them with access to their desktop environment from anywhere they need.

Security, data protection, compliance and policy enforcement

With PCs and laptops, data is stored on the endpoint machine, and oftentimes don’t provide adequate security for the data. This is especially true with data that gets accessed and stored remotely on devices like laptops and smart phones, which can be lost or stolen, exposing your data to expensive and embarrassing data leaks.

With desktop virtualization, all the data is located securely in the data center, inaccessible to users who lack the proper credentials. Desktop virtualization solutions enable IT to control how and when data is accessed from PC, preventing against data leaks, and enable the capability to perform comprehensive audits. These audit trails help demonstrate compliance with the necessary government and industry regulations information technology is subject to.

Backup and Recovery

The difficult task of backing up the data located on endpoint machines is now becoming more difficult with more remote offices and telecommuting, and the decentralized nature of desktop computing. By storing all of the desktop data, settings, and application in a centralized data center, the information can be backed up and recovered, integrating into existing backup operations and processes. End-user systems can enjoy the enhanced data protection and recovery functionality that the server and mainframe systems already experience.

Increase Productivity

Desktop virtualization enabling helpdesk staff address technical issues for end-users more quickly and easily. End users can have their technical problems solved much more quickly with a desktop virtualization, allowing them to continue to do their jobs with minimal disruption.

A Citrix partner for XenDesktop desktop virtualization

As a Certified Citrix Solution Advisor partner, w are qualified to configure and integrated Citrix’s market-leading XenDesktop desktop virtualization solution.

A partner for VMware View 4 desktop virtualization

As a Enterprise-level Solution Provider of VMware, we are certified to plan, configure, install and rollout VMware View desktop virtualization solutions for customers.

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