IBM DB2 Information ManagementIBM Information Management

DB2 & IBM Information Management tools are designed to unify disparate data from various applications & silos. With this software, you can leverage relational data from DB2 & SQL databases, as well as XML documents & data in a unified infrastructure.

Information as a service

Seamlessly integrate relational data with XML data stores that remove the need to decompose or shred the XML data, maintaining document integrity.

Streamline development

Utilize existing SQL & XQuery skills to access and query data, and utilize the Eclipse-based developer workbench to shorten development times. In addition, IBM DB2 Information Management integrates with PHP, Java and .NET application infrastructures, provides development flexibility.

Operations Efficiency

Storage management is automated with IBM DB2 Information Management. These tools optimize utilization of storage resources with unique data compression algorithms, and automatically self-tunes memory allocation to maximize performance.

Security & Resiliency

DB2 9 features an all new security administrator role to take security to the next level. Fine-grained, label-based access control (LABC) provides administrators with the ability to create a separate column within tables to associate a label with each row of data and each user.

Table partitioning enables greater scalability and management, allowing the dividing of data across multiple machines, which can be organized by dimension. Recovery is also simplified with DB2 Information Management. Recovery operations can be restarted to save time, and the support of performing redirected restore operations with scripts automatically generated from existing backup images simplifies recovery.

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