Data Destruction Services

Secure, onsite mechanical shredding

Ensuring data is securely destroyed is critical for any organization, especially with the new DoD, HIPAA, and PCI compliance regulations regarding the protection of private or classified data. With our asset disposition services, disk drives can be physically destroyed at the customer’s request, or if the drive still has value on the open market, data is destroyed via a multiple-pass “data wipe”. After the wipe is complete, the drive is verified to ensure all data is unrecoverable, and if verification fails, the drive is physically destroyed.

North American Systems brings hassle-free data destruction to your loading dock with our mobile mechanical shredder.

  • eliminate the need to securely transport and receive multiple data storage devices for offsite destruction
  • clear up space filled with legacy hardware that cannot be disposed of because of regulatory or data breach concerns
  • reduce costs associated with cold storage facilities
  • protect your organization with a Certificate of Destruction and Recycling
  • ensure compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI DSS, HIPAA and other regulatory mandates
  • watch mechanical shredding of hard drives, tape and even HBAs at your facility
  • source from a single provider with nationwide coverage for multiple locations
  • remove questions regarding removed assets with a audited, certified, chain-of-custody maintained destruction and removal process
  • optional video recording of the entire destruction process available

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Chain of Custody and Certificate of Destruction

When the process is complete, you are provided with a certification of destruction/recycling for each serial number, protecting your organization from scandals and accusations of impropriety. Our auditable paper trail demonstrates that your performed due diligence throughout the process, with a partner committed to Best Practices that comply with international guidelines as well as applicable local standards.

Reducing your environmental footprint

Although our disk and tape shredding services render the hardware to be unrecognizable, we are careful to ensure that none of your computer equipment ends up in a landfill here or abroad.

Also, we work with responsible and ethical scrap and smelting services companies to maximize the amount of waste that gets recycled. In addition, some of the scrap material is sometimes used to manufacture renewable energy.

Materials that cannot be recycled are guaranteed to be properly handled by our downstream vendors. These vendors ensure proper material handling, including precious and toxic metal reclamation, ensuring the prevention improper waste disposal of your computer hardware.

Disassembly not required

Our industrial-strength shredder does not require any special procedures to prepare hardware for destruction. The brackets, case, etc. can be safely shredded as soon as it is removed from the enclosure.

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