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Leverage technology to engineer growth

North American Systems International partners with VAI to provide end-to-end technology solutions for manufacturers, wholesale distributors, and retail businesses. Modular in nature, this full suite of applications can be customized to meet your business’s unique needs.

North American Systems works with you to decide what features and functionality best meets your organization’s needs, and integrates and implements them to create a tailored solution that ensures your business runs at maximum efficiency.

VAI’s S2K Enterprise Edition ERP and enterprise management solution helps businesses:

Improve operational processes

Execute business processes in less time by automating and streamlining functions along your value chain. In addition, providing timely information to the appropriate employees will enable fast and accurate business decisions.

Create Efficiencies & Competitive Advantages

Discover unique ways to improve responsiveness and reduce costs throughout the organization by integrating and linking processes together.

Expand Supplier Relationships

The supply chain is a critical element to a businesses success. Connect and integrate end-to-end in realtime, staying in constant collaboration with suppliers.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Reach customers in new ways, and provide them with instant product and account information.

Streamline the Supply Chain

Connect and integrate your supply chain from end-to-end, from the customers to the suppliers.

A mature, but evolving solution

VAI is uniquely positioned to serve small and medium businesses, providing a much more cost-effective solution than other ERPs such as JDEdwards, SAP, and PeopleSoft.

VAI’s primary business focus is the S2K Enterprise Edition and the continuing support and development of this product.

North American Systems Services

North American Systems has a staff of experienced IT professionals that can assist you with your decision-making process, holding conference calls, onsite visits, and webcasts. In addition, we can provide guidance for migrating away from legacy ERP systems like BPics, MAPICS, and PANSOPHIC, and help you analyze whether you need programming services to customize the solution to meet your business needs.

North American Systems has been providing IT solutions, sevices and hardware for over 15 years.

If you want learn more about what we can do for your IT, please contact us at 800-927-7474, or send us an email at sales@nasi.com to get in touch with one of our experienced account executives.

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