Business Continuity Planning Services

Ensuring nonstop availability of data & applications

To create a resilient business, many IT organizations are being asked to go beyond disaster recovery. As IT operations become more distributed as they become more critical to a business’s success, many companies are trying to achieve a state of business continuity, where critical networks, systems, data and applications are always available. A comprehensive business continuity solution provides:

  • multi-site recovery with continuous protection
  • proactive detection of corruption
  • real-world application testing capabilities
  • fast backup/restore
  • automatic failover capability
  • policy-based management
  • auditing tools
“For many real-time enterprises, a four- to 24-hour site outage would cause irreparable damage to the enterprise, because the risks are greater with real-time enterprises, the business continuity plan must address new scenarios, and BC processes must integrate with a greater number of enterprise processes.."
- Donna Scott, Vice President, Gartner Research

North American Systems offers business continuity solutions that :

  • follow industry-proven best practices
  • consolidate administration for ease of management
  • are vendor-neutral and work with any combination of cabinets, interfaces, operating systems and connectivity protocols
  • offer comprehensive application support & interoperability
  • provide NAS & SAN convergence across a single pooled resource
  • enable transparent failover & recovery
  • protect from primary site disasters, as well as other unforeseen events such as application server failures, viruses & data corruption
  • integrate seamlessly with existing high availability and disaster recovery solutions

North American Systems has a depth of experience with networked storage solutions, and is uniquely qualified to help you form a comprehensive business continuity plan designed to maximize uptime, protect data and applications, reduce TCO, and simplify management.

North American Systems has been providing IT solutions, sevices and hardware for over 15 years.

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