BlueArc network-attached storage

BlueArc Mercury NAS for the midrange

Although BlueArc has been known for providing enterprise-class NAS to large-scale enterprise environments, it has developed a product designed to address the needs and budgetary restrictions of midrange IT departments.

The BlueArc Mercury 50 product supports up to 2 cluster nodes, has a storage capacity of up to 1 PB, supports file systems of up to 256 TB, and can handle 700Mbps throughput and 60,000 IOPS.

The BlueArc Mercury 100 product also includes support for 256 TB filesystems, but ups the throughput capabilities to 1,000Mbps and 100,000 IOPS, and can scale up to 2 PB, and up to 8 cluster nodes.

BlueArc Titan high-performance NAS

BlueArc Titan With Modules

The BlueArc Titan storage systems are dedicated file server appliances with an embedded filesystem for data-intensive applications that require high throughput and IOPS. Delivering superior cost/performance metrics, the BlueArc Titan is an ideal storage system that lowers costs and complexity, and provides users with fast & reliable access to critical data.

BlueArc Titan 3000 Series - next-generation storage platforms for today’s data centers that need high performance file serving in an easy-to-manage package

BlueArc Titan 1100 - mid-range storage systems deliver the value and performance of BlueArc to the edges of corporate networks and mid-size businesses

BlueArc Titan 2000 Series - designed for high-performance file serving and other storage applications that do not need the cutting-edge performance the 3000 series offers

Model Maximum Capacity IOPS Maximum Throughput
3200 4 Petabytes 195,000 20 Gbps
3100 2 Petabytes 95,000 10 Gbps
2500 512 Terabytes 100,000 10 Gbps
2200 512 Terabytes 100,000 10 Gbps
2100 256 Terabytes 75,000 5 Gbps
1100 128 Terabytes 100,000 2.5 Gbps

BlueArc TitanAlthough the BlueArc Titan storage systems are widely known as NAS systems, they are also compatible with SAN protocols, supporting both file and block-level data. These storage systems enable millions of users to be concurrently connected to hundreds of computer nodes, all while delivery performance that cannot be found in traditional storage systems. The BlueArc Titan allows a mixture of Fibre Channel, SATA, and WORM storage to be pooled and tiered onto a single system for enhanced manageability, while supporting the newest disk technologies, and keeping data media that is appropriate to meet business requirements. In addition, the Titan storage systems feature non-disruptive backup & replication, so data can be protected without interrupting access.

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