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Making copies of data is how data has been traditionally protected. Data backup, or replication was normally done locally, to protect against human error, data corruption, and system failure. In addition, some replication to backup data remotely for disaster recovery, preserving valuable data in case a disaster happens to the primary data source.

The Problems with Data Backup Systems

Traditional data backup, which required a disruption of application hosts and therefore the production environment, often meant copying data to tape, and more recently, disk. In addition, tape backups, and even disk backups, oftentimes did not recover in full.

The Gartner Group reports that 40 to 50% of all backups are not recoverable in full, and that 60% of all backups fail in general.

Even if the backup copy was fully recoverable, recovery times were very long, especially if the backup copy was located on tape. As data storage requirements increased, the “backup window” started to shrink. This backup window was the required downtime needed by the application servers to complete the backup operations. As business become more global and dependent on the web, 24x7 availability of many business applications was required.

New Technologies for Data Backup and Recovery

North American Systems has extensive experience implementing data backup systems utilizing the latest technology appropriate for that specific company & current IT environment. We help businesses leverage industry-proven “best practices” to develop a cost-effective Backup Optimization solution that provides fast online backup as well as quick and accurate recovery.

  • Email Archiving - Manage the lifecycles of Exchange & Lotus messaging stores while maintaining a universal content index with powerful search capabilities
  • De-duplication - Reduce total data size and simplify storage by reducing redundant copies of data at the file and block level
  • Regulatory Compliance - Enable long-term archival to meet business requirement with technology such as WORM
  • eDiscovery - Respond to requests for electronic evidence quickly & cost-effectively
  • Online Backup - Protect data without disrupting operations


Many IT infrastructures see new, inexpensive disk arrays as a way to speed backup & recovery times while avoiding the fail rates prevalent in some tape systems. While utilizing SATA and SAS as a new backup medium may be a cost-effective solutions, many businesses cannot afford to migrate software and entire backup processes. FalconStor’s VTL solution is a great solution that eliminates the disruption of existing backup software and processes, allowing you to seamlessly integrate D2D backup into your existing backup procedures. Find out more about VTL.

Backup Acceleration for Tape

Tape backup acceleration and optimization solutions leverages your existing technology and investments to enable fast, window-less tape backups that can ensure transactional and point-in-time integrity of your mission-critical databases & files.

Backup Acceleration for Disk

With the cost of low-cost disk systems continuing to plummet, many businesses are taking advantage of the reliability, speed, & availability advantages of disc-based backups. With FalconStor, you can dramatically increase the speed of your backups with a cost-effective solutions that offloads your backup processes off of LANs and application servers.

Utilize Existing Architecture

Consolidate backup processes across your existing backup software. In addition to dramatically speeding up your backup processes, it offloads these processes to your storage server, eliminating backup windows, and also reduces the amount of backup software licenses required.

Consolidate & Simplify

Our solution that bring all backup processes onto a unified platform. Create full, incremental, or differential block-level backups from a centralized GUI, consolidating and simplifying you entire backup procedures.

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