AS400 Report Splitter

Electronic Report Distribution Solutions

RJS Software LogoAS/400 report splitter provides an easy-to-use and efficient means for iSeries - AS/400 personnel to effectively distribute AS/400 reports to local and remote systems users. The Report Splitter allows reports to be automatically split into manageable sections before they leave the AS/400. Imagine creating a large month-end AS/400 sales report, breaking it into manageable sections by sales rep and then automatically emailing the report, publishing to a Internet or Intranet site for viewing, publishing to Domino databases for online viewing with Lotus Notes or a web client or archiving to CD for long term storage. What a nice way to reduce paper and postage costs currently associated with delivering reports.


  • send an entire report or designated section to multiple output queues or multiple remote users via SNADS
  • utilize level breaks already built into the report
  • enter report split criteria at runtime or retrieve from the Report Distribution Table
  • merge multiple report into one large report
  • retain or modify spool file attributes to fit your needs
  • enter report selection criteria interactively
  • embed report splitter commands into any CL program, REXX procedure or other AS/400 job stream
  • process reports interactively or via batch mode

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